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How Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is Making Indian Food the World’s Favourite Cuisine

 How Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is Making Indian Food the World’s Favourite Cuisine

Many people worldwide would agree with Sanjeev Kapoor when he says that no other dish comes close to being as good as Indian cuisine. Kapoor is steadily convincing the rest of the world of this by encouraging people to consider the delicious taste of Indian cuisine and its many nutritional benefits.


Indian cuisine is so much more diverse than merely curry and naan bread, and the rest of the world should know everything else they’re missing out on! Far from being the calorie-laden treat, many westerners think of when imagining Indian food; there are many nutritional health benefits to many staple ingredients in Indian cuisine.

Dishes such as thali provide a well-rounded meal containing carbs, protein, healthy fats, and fibre – everything you need for a balanced diet. Kapoor also mentions the benefits of gram flour (besan) made from chickpeas, a staple Indian ingredient with plenty of fibre and other nourishing properties.

Now more than ever, with Covid reminding us just how important it is to look after our immune systems, we should eat foods that are good for our bodies.

A frequently used spice with incredible benefits is turmeric, or haldi, which has already gained notoriety for its anti-inflammatory and various other health properties. Turmeric also works wonders for a sore throat; just add a little with ginger and holy basil (tulsi) to hot water to create your own natural Lemsip!

Restaurants vs. Home Cooked Meals

Surprisingly, considering he is someone in the restaurant business, Kapoor doesn’t believe that you can only enjoy great Indian food in a restaurant. Arguing that you can find everything you need to enjoy a great quality meal at home. He also believes that many people give more credit to restaurant food than homemade, but we should not disregard those important staples we have at home in favour of the various fads that restaurants bring forth.

When it comes to overcoming the impact of Covid on the industry, Kapoor is optimistic, believing that while times are tough now, it will not always be this way, and the food business will find its feet again.

Indian vs. Western Food

Kapoor states that many younger Indians are shunning Indian food in favour of Western dishes. Now, with the trend showing more returning to tradition, he hopes they have realised that it is possible to get food that is even healthier right on their doorstep.

Celebrating classic Indian meals is also important from a tourism perspective. Kapoor says that trying local delicacies adds to the experience of travelling to a new place. Most countries are known for their specific unique fares, so keeping these traditions alive is vital. Many holidaymakers will come to sample the authentic tastes of the country or city they are visiting, so to lose these could negatively impact tourism.

Raising awareness of the benefits of Indian food

Having recently taken part in the ‘Go Local for Wholesome Nutrition’ web symposium, Kapoor believes that further events like this will demonstrate to people just how many positive health benefits eating Indian food can have. He claims that the spices (Masala Dabba) in his kitchen are like his medicine cabinet. With so many diverse benefits to Indian ingredients, it’s easy to see why!

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