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Hrithik Roshan speaks about his career and physical traumas

 Hrithik Roshan speaks about his career and physical traumas

No other luminary in Bollywood industry has gone through the numerous physical traumas like 38-year old Hrithik Roshan. When his film “Kites” was being made, his knees caps gave away forcing the star to undergo multiple treatments but eventually he returned to shoot the final sequences of the movie. Later, fate took its toll on him again when he suffered a double slip disc which was followed by clots in his brain for which, he again went through a rigorous surgery. Despite all of these unfortunate events, he still kept coming back to the silver screen with the release of “Krrish 3”. For the star, the whole life has completed a full circle and that all the special effects done in the film have been solely done by Indian professionals for the first time.
When asked why Krrish was postponed when it was envisaged long back, Hrithik promptly replied that due to back problems, his doctors advised him to take a back seat and rest for a period of six months. His father clearly stated that in case if he was not able to recover fully, then the productions will be stalled for the next two years which really depressed the star and henceforth, gave him the willpower to fight his body. Eventually, he recovered and finished the movie.
For his flourishing career, Hrithik firstly talks about himself and tells us that he had been facing problems with his body since long back. Even in school, his attendance used to be short owing to the fact that he had back spasms. Furthermore, Hrithik used to have Rheumatism in his fingers as well as knees which forced him to undergo treatment on a daily basis. He was advised not to dream about being an actor due to his physical problems. After Hrithik filmed “Guzaarish”, he decided that it would be his last venture in Bollywood but that was certainly not the end.
Before Krrish 3 released, Hrithik was asked whether he was satisfied and happy with the kind of response that the movie was getting. Hrithik felt that the production house worked really hard to put the film on silver screen and the kind of response was quite satisfactory according to them. But he added that some people will certainly be cynical after seeing the special effects in the movie which might match the movie of Hollywood. But for others, it might not be as good as that. But he was really happy when people came up to him and told him that the movie matched that of any Hollywood movie.
By far, Hrithik is quite happy with the way the movie is being discussed by people and marks this as an onslaught of an era where Indian filmmakers will be using special effects of Hollywood standards. Krrish 3 went viral online with close to 17 million views on promos and the movie has been taken well by the Indian audience so far.

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