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Made in India Magazine | April 17, 2021

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The most imperfect smile can make one look perfect

The most imperfect smile can make one look perfect
Mitali Sardesai

Endorsing an imperfect smile nowadays seems to have outwitted the trend of the perfect dental smile. Many known celebrities such as Keira KnightleyMarielaina-Perrone-DDS-Cosmetic-Dentist-29-680x350 and top class model Georgia May Jagger never hesitate in flaunting their imperfect smile. As a matter of fact, the audience too have learnt to accept and acknowledge their imperfect yet natural smile.

As sources are to be believed, reports stated by website mentioned that “London’s worldwide famous orthodontic and dental practice called Elleven has witnessed a drastic increase in the customers who wish to carry forward their natural grins. Furthermore, they wish to avoid the extra white and over-perfect teeth.”

Sameera Patel, the chief clinical director at Elleven was quoted saying, “Your smile must form a complete balance with the rest of your face and it is not compulsory that a perfect symmetry can do wonders to your face and smile.  The beauty of your face lies in the natural law and the existence of all the features in their natural symmetry.”

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