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Importance of Mantras in Our Life

 Importance of Mantras in Our Life

When I was young, my mother used to say, “It’s a sin to worry. Whatever has to happen, will happen according to God’s wishes.” Now as I think about it, I feel that she used to say these things not just to help me deal with a stressful situation, but also to reassure herself that everything’s okay. By following the idea that our fate decides what we’ll get, she was able to maintain a sense of calm in her life.
Like my mother, we all have a certain mantras or set of beliefs that we follow in our daily lives. These beliefs shape our personality and influence our actions. For instance, I strongly believe in Swami Vivekananda philosophy – “You have to grow from the inside out. No one can teach you and no one can make you spiritual. There is no better teacher than your own soul.” Based on this ideology, I try to grow spiritually by nourishing my soul. I follow a few mantras to guide my actions and thoughts.
What is a Mantra
A mantra is a sacred utterance that one repeats on a regular basis. Most of the time mantras are instruments of religious thoughts, but not necessarily. We repeat mantras in our head like we repeat a religious chant. Following a set of mantras can effectively influence your thoughts. It’s like talking to yourself, to get motivation. If you have mantras in your life you’ll avoid self-criticism that can lead you to depression.
Some people follow a single mantra for all their difficulties while some have a bouquet of mantras to guide them through difficult times. I personally pick my mantras depending on the crisis I am facing at the moment. For example, when I face financial difficulties, I use the mantra, “Focus on beauty rather than profit.” This mantra helped me a lot while I switched my job to do something that I really enjoy but doesn’t pay very well, in the beginning.
What Mantras Are For Me?
You should pick your mantras yourself. They can be anything, from inscriptions you liked from a religious book to a pair of quotations you’ve found on the internet. The basic idea is to pick mantras that are capable of inspiring and motivating you when you feel dejected or discouraged. You can even modify a popular saying or someone’s statement to create your own mantra. For example, I created this one mantra, “People will stop loving you, once you stop loving yourself.”
Pick or create your own little collection of mantras and put them somewhere so that you can encounter them on everyday basis. You can get them printed and framed on one of your walls or write them in your own handwriting and stick them on the refrigerator. They are for self-motivation, thus use them in a way that best suits your personality.


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