Indian- Australian woman faces racist remarks on social media

 Indian- Australian woman faces racist remarks on social media

Just a few days ago, a young Indian- Australian in her twenties, has been a victim of racism on the social media network.
Roshni Dennis, a resident of Sydney had to face some racist comment in her Facebook account. She was born in Australia and her parents migrated from India during the 1970s.
The comment by the racist stated,
“Roshni, no offence but just because you were born here doesn’t make you an Australian with a Middle Eastern name, cultural indifference, diet and physical representation (you don’t look European).Sorry for the reality check but your loyalty also sways to your heritage not the Australians you grew up with.
Australians include the first Australians… the indigenous and us, the ones who have generations of Australian blood, history, tradition and sacrifice. Hijabs, burqas, Koran, mosques, speaking Arabic… don’t count.” According to Roshni, she was really disheartened by the comment and cried.
She stated,
“I weep for all the people out there being told, for the first time, that they are not an Australian.” Roshni replied to the comment by writing that she does ‘count’ and explaining about her parent’s migration to Australia and her birth in Sydney.
She further wrote in the reply,
“How about you show everyone how Australian you are by getting to know a person’s story, starting with me. Because after all isn’t being a true Australian about giving everyone a fair go?’ At any given time my parents would work two to three jobs. They never put themselves first and always do their part in their own may to make this country great.”
Her parents has organized various multi- cultural and multi- faith community charity fundraisers to help the needy people. Roshni is proud of her identity as an Indian- Australian and loves her life she leads in Australia.
She concluded by stating,
“In my Australia stories like my Australian parents’ are actually not uncommon and despite our beautiful differences in names, beliefs, looks, diet, languages and culture we have no fear or judgment in our hearts. I still forgive you. And I’ll still welcome you with open arms to my Australia.”

Sunny Pathak

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