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Made in India Magazine | October 21, 2021

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Indian Community in Australia is the Most Educated Community in the Country

Indian Community in Australia is the Most Educated Community in the Country

| On 22, Aug 2016

There is quite a large number of Indians who migrated to Australia and this community, according to an analysis, holds position of the most educated community in Australia, leaving behind the native Australians.

Based on documentations from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Umar Amin, Editor of “Pehchan” newspaper, has recorder that 54.6% of Indians who migrated to Australia has at least a Bachelor’s Degree or more. For reference, this percentage is more than thrice of the native Australians, whose percentage of population having a Bachelor’s Degree or more stands slightly over 17%, as stated by Census in 2011.

The Indian community also beats other non-native communities in terms of education. The analysis conducted by Amin revealed that compared to the Indian percentage of 54.6%, Americans hold second position with 52.2% with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualifications. Umar Amin also analysed the situation with different parameters and Indians prove to rank high in most of his analysis results. He based an analysis comparing the various language speakers, where Hindi, Indians’ preferred language counted to have a percentage of 49.5% with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The Filipino speakers are right after them with 49.5% of their migrant populace holding a Bachelor’s Degree. Among the Indians, analysis ran a religion based study, trying to compare educational stats between the migrant followers of major religions. Hindus had a percentage of 88.1% who graduated high school (or year twelve, or the equivalent). Compared to that, Sikh people have a rate of 8.9% completing high school or equivalent.

It is safe to conclude that Indian migrants are leading the education sector of Australia quite consistently from 2006.

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