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Made in India Magazine | September 23, 2021

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Indian Jewellers Create World Record!

Indian Jewellers Create World Record!

| On 05, Nov 2020

Kotti Srikanth was clearly listening when Marilyn Monroe said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The owner of the ‘The Diamond Store by Chandubhai’ in Hyderabad has created a beautiful ring that is making headlines for its Guinness World Record achievement.

You’ll be Amazed to Learn How Many Diamonds the World Record Ring Contains

Srikanth’s ring has won the World Record for having the most diamonds in a single ring – and the number of diamonds is unbelievable. We’re not even sure how they managed it, but the ring actually contains a staggering 7,801 diamonds! We wonder if that extra one diamond was to tip them over the edge to secure the spot!

The ring was first thought of back in 2018 and took over 11 months to complete due to the obviously incredibly precise work required to create such an intricate piece of jewellery.

It is no wonder that Srikanth was able to design such a beautiful piece of wearable art. The expert jewellery designer boasts several degrees in manual and computer-aided jewellery design from the Indian Institute of Jewellery in Mumbai as well as an MBA and a certification in diamonds from ‘The Gemological Institute of America.’

Guinness World Record

Winning a Guinness World Record is no simple feat. Not only do you have to do something that no one else has done before, but you also have to undergo a number of verification stages before they confirm the award. In this case, The Guinness World Records were clear that the diamonds used in the ring must be conflict-free and natural. Fortunately, this was a simple thing for the Hyderabad Jewelers to prove, which allowed them to be the first jewellery company in South India to be awarded a Guinness World Record.

The World Records were judged in August 2019 and then finally announced in 2020. The creator of the ring had this to say:

“I am very honoured and thankful to the Guinness World Records for recognising my passion for creating unique pieces of art in jewellery. It gives me immense pleasure to get awarded at the global level for the masterpiece that I created. This is a big milestone for us.”

The Divine Ring

The floral ring has been named: ‘The Divine – 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam’ and is made up of six layers. Five of the layers have eight petals, while the final layer has six. In the centre, there are also three protruding pollen prongs.

The ring itself resembles a rare flower found in the Himalayas called the ‘Brahma Kamalam.’ It is no coincidence that this sacred flower was used as inspiration for the ring. In its purest form, the flower (and the ring itself) symbolise the divine and worship.

Is the Ring for Sale?

Fallen in love with this stunning, world-record-holding ring? Well, good news. It could be yours. According to Kotti Srikanth, they are planning on auctioning the ring off to patrons. However, we imagine this will go for an eye-watering amount – perhaps it could even win another World Record for most expensive ring ever sold!

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