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Travel Restrictions Crushing Dreams

Acceptance to a prestigious political science program in a top Australian University was thrilling for 19-year-old Pranavi Jamwal. Pravani’s dreams came true when she was accepted to the program, which had produced Nobel Laureates and Prime Ministers. Disruptions Caused by Travel Restrictions There are certain advantages of physically attending classes. Students in classes can interact...Read More


Where Did All The Women Go?

We rarely stop to think how lucky we are to be here in Australia, if at all. But, if you are a female born in India, you may find yourself running out of luck sooner or later. The simple fact is that daughters born in India (and other parts of Asia) are frequently considered a...Read More

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Indian Jewellers Create World Record!

Kotti Srikanth was clearly listening when Marilyn Monroe said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The owner of the ‘The Diamond Store by Chandubhai’ in Hyderabad has created a beautiful ring that is making headlines for its Guinness World Record achievement. You’ll be Amazed to Learn How Many Diamonds the World Record Ring Contains...Read More

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Regional Victoria’s Lockdown Eased as COVID-19 Cases Decline

As the statewide COVID-19 numbers decrease, regional Victoria’s lockdown has eased with the relaxing of some restrictions. Regional Victoria took its first steps out of lockdown on Monday, with small changes to the rules across the state allowing for more social interaction and more time outside. As of Monday 14th September, the start time of...Read More

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The COVID-19 – Essential updates on shopping, school travel, and government’s actions in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has set the world economies back by a significant margin. It has also caused more than 1,37,078 fatalities and brought people’s everyday lives to a standstill. Staying updated and informed has become a priority for everyone to make sure: The infection does not spread further The infected ones know what to do...Read More