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Inside America’s most expensive hotel room

 Inside America’s most expensive hotel room

Inside America’s most expensive hotel

If the words ‘Ty Warner Penthouse’ mean nothing to you, you probably don’t have $45,000 dollars to spend on a night’s accommodation. Yes, you read that right. This penthouse suite on the fifty-second floor of New York’s Four Seasons Hotel, seven hundred feet above Manhattan, will set you back by a little matter of nearly half a million US dollars if you wish to spend a night in it.
Out of pure curiosity, we asked what we could expect to get for such a paltry amount. The answer we got was ‘everything you can imagine’. 360-degree views of Manhattan? Check. Twenty-four hour butler? Yes. A chauffeured Rolls-Royce? No problem. In case you think this is just for hopeless materialists, let’s stop you right there and tell you that the suite comes with a library whose shelves are lined with gilded bronze. It also has a piano – you know, for those humble musical types who like to play it while looking down upon the greatest city in the world.
The penthouse cost 50 million dollars and seven years to build, they tell us. A personal trainer and a personalized spa massage is only a soft call away, and any inch of space picked out at random that you wish to touch will cost upwards of fifty thousand dollars. Have a refreshing bath in your infinity tub while enjoying the best views of Manhattan that luxury can afford, and sleep like a baby in your 65,000-dollar bed which is covered by a sheet woven with 22-carat gold thread. The wall coverings of your bedroom have been commissioned in Italy, and an artisan has hand-placed the panels one by one. All this cost a million dollars.
Go ahead, breathe. We guarantee that you will hear the crisp rustling of freshly minted notes in every cubic millimetre of air that you inhale. The suite comes with a high-powered telescope for those of you who wish to spy on the little people on the street. Everything has been taken care of, it seems.
Tiffani Cailor, Director of Public Relations for the hotel, assures us that it’s ‘worth every single penny’. We don’t doubt that, not one bit.

Mitali Sardesai

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