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International students whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic get a ray of hope

 International students whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic get a ray of hope

The Victorian Authorities have created a $500 million program package for individuals who have lost jobs since the coronavirus outbreak surged.

Victorian Authorities have created a unique program that will help create job opportunities for those international students who have lost their jobs.

People with temporary visas and are eligible to work in Australia can also benefit from this program. Australian authorities have already placed over 1700 individuals in new state jobs.

This program is unique and proceeds to avail free online training modules to enable valid job enthusiasts registered under the program to get jobs.

What happens under this program?

The Victorian Government program helps to create equal job opportunities for all temporary visa holders. International comrades get the chance to register for ‘Working for Victoria’. Over 1,700 individuals have found jobs through the program.

whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus

How is it benefiting Victoria?

The $500 million program package is part of the $1.7 billion economic packages set aside by the Australian government to provide support for businesses in the country.

Under this program, the state authorities are urging job seekers to register through

The program allows for organisations and employers who have job vacancies to register their details. This will allow for easy screening of workers who fit specific jobs. Roles open include food preparation and delivery services for vulnerable people. Jobs that are related to international cargo arrivals are also accessible under the said program. Free online modules relating to cleaning, food, and first aid treatments are the available job opportunities

Who all are eligible, and what is the procedure to apply?

Any person with working rights in Victoria can apply. A partnership between the Victorian authorities and Sidekicker has made it possible to match applicants with work related to their stipulated skills set.

The Robust Development

The president of the Council of International Students Australia, Ahmed Ademoglu, has said that there was some good news for all the international students.

whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus

Approximate half a million students residing in Australia are facing unemployment and restrictions to return home. The border restrictions and the current pandemic has it hard for international students to live.

Currently, federal authorities have extended help to international students. Students with visas enrolled in the nursing field, and other caring sectors have been allowed to work for over 40 hours a fortnight.

International students who have resided in the country for over a year can access their superannuation money in times of difficulties.

Pallav is a student who used to work for 20 hours a week at Domino’s pizza outlet to support himself. He has lost the number of hours due to the current pandemic. Although he appreciates government efforts, he says that this is part of the solution.

Most of the universities have introduced hardship funds and other support forms like counselling and health support to take the load off. Few universities are also giving loans and fee waivers as a measure to take the pressure off international students studying there.

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