Is it time to Jamsu?

 Is it time to Jamsu?

Ever heard of Jamsu? If not, you are not alone. However, as it is gaining in popularity, the chances are you soon will. Originating in Korea, the beauty hack first came to prominence in 2018 when beauty blogger Huda Kattan showcased it on her YouTube channel. Kattan had been ‘tipped’ by supermodel Bella Hadid at a Dior campaign in Dubai.

So, what is it?

‘Jamsu’ translates as diving or submerging – referring to immersing your face in ice-cold water. This beauty hack is used to set your make-up, apparently keeping your skin looking matte all day. Involving the application of foundation, concealer, contour before applying baby powder, and submerging your face in the water is known as the Jamsu Technique. It is proving extremely popular among women in India who are looking east for their beauty tips. So how exactly do you jamsu?

  • Apply your foundation, concealer, contour as usual.
  • Next, take some baby powder and cover your face. You should have a subtle layer of powder all over your face. A loose setting powder can be used if you do not have baby powder.
  • Take a bowl with icy cold water and submerge your entire face into it.
  • If you have dry skin, try to limit the submersion to 15-20 seconds. If you have oily skin, you can stay under for 30 seconds.
  • Gently pat your face dry.
  • Eye make-up, eyebrows and lipstick can now be applied, if desired.
  • Later, remember to cleanse your skin when removing your make-up.
  • The Jamsu Technique seals the make-up, so it is good practice to cleanse twice.

While it is better suited for those with oily skin, cold water can also work wonders to hydrate dry skin. The practice found favour in Korea during the summer when temperatures are high, preventing make-up from fading during the day due to humidity and heat. In addition, it helps heal acne because cold water closes open pores.

For those in doubt, there are endorsements from the Bollywood industry. Actress Katrina Kaif shared a video on her social media where she immerses her face in the water, trying the Jamsu Technique.

It has become part of her morning ritual now. In a Youtube video, Katrina can be seen plunging her face three times into a bowl filled with ice-cold water.

Lastly, remember that it is a bad idea to wear dark clothes while trying the Jamsu Technique. Also, use a headband to protect your hair from getting wet or soiled in the process. While results will invariably vary, depending on skin type and products used, it is worth trying if you want to have that day-long matte look. Like most contemporary beauty trends such as BB creams, sheet masks, and cushion foundations, Jamsu began in Korea and is now the hottest tip in K-beauty.

Nivedita Nagpal

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