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‘What do men think about when they’re alone, brooding by themselves? This question has troubled women since the dawn of time. In this piece, we look up to the stars for answers.’
Ladies, we’ve all been there. We just don’t know how to connect with our men sometimes. We’ve often heard that men are simple beings with simple goals and thoughts, but we’ve all struggled from time to time to know just what is going on in his mind. Does he love you? Does he not? Does he have fun with you or is he just stringing you along? What makes him tick? The feminine urge to get to know our partners can only be matched by their reluctance to share themselves with us.
Well, no more! Here’s a quick-fire guide to your man’s make up using nothing but the stars that guide him. Dig in, and slay that confusion forever!
1. Aries
The Aries man is a firebrand. He’s macho, and he’s always eager to show off his courage, strength and leadership skills. He has a passionate nature and a quick temper. To tame him, you need to be patient and give him space to cool down so that he can return to the usual fun and games in no time. The key word with him is patience.
2. Taurus
Calm and stability are what the Taurus man brings to the table. He loves nothing more than sticking to a routine, and his earthy nature means that he can be quite sensual in his relationship with you. He’s generally resistant to change, so if you can convince him that he can move at his own pace, he will give in. He has traditional values, so aim not to shock him with too much change at once.
3. Gemini
The Gemini man is communicative and chatty. He’s extremely curious, and can come across as sometimes as a good-natured gossip. As an air sign, he places a lot of importance on intellectual communication, so he appreciates a woman who can challenge him at an intellectual level. He has a hard time sitting still, so you will have to flit around with him without trying to pin him down to one place.
4. Cancer
Men under the Cancer sign are in deep touch with their feminine side. He will make you feel at home and will probably enjoy cooking for you as well. He shares his feelings easily, and has an emotional, imaginative approach to life rather than the hard-nosed, practical approach of most men. Therefore it should be easy for you to connect with him, as long as you give him enough room to sift through is moods and emotions without being overbearing.
5. Leo
If you’re looking for a good time, look no further than the Leo male, who loves to party and is known for his fun approach to life. He is known to take nothing seriously, which could sometimes be a hindrance in a long-term relationship, so understand that his reluctance to approach something with seriousness is not a front. He just cannot help being that way. He’s also deeply romantic, sometimes excessively so. It’s important therefore for you to set boundaries early.
6. Virgo
The Virgo male is the exact opposite of a Leo, in that he’s stoic, practical and a problem-solver. He knows the best way to make any situation better than it is, and he’s liable to take the most efficient steps possible from point A to point B. He will look after himself, and he’s entirely responsible, so you will not need to mother him too much. The flip side of this is that he’s not overly romantic, so you may have to spell it out to him what you expect.
7. Libra
The Libran male likes nothing more than balance in his life. He tries to keep everything on an even keel, which means that a relationship with him will be more smooth than bumpy. However, this very trait of his, which is conflict-avoiding, can make it hard for him to open up about his feelings. So give him plenty of room and avoid surprises if you can.
8. Scorpio
This sign can make a man intense and passionate in his relationships. He will try to scratch past the surface and delve deep into the depths of his partner’s emotional make up. He is passionate about life. He also has an inclination towards possessiveness and jealousy, but show some patience and he will get around it without any problem.
9. Sagittarius
The Sagittarius man is fun and carefree, with a legendary sense of humour. He loves to make you laugh, and he thrives on adventure, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself travelling to unknown destinations with him. He’s often scared to commit, so give him plenty of freedom and he will find pleasure in that stable relationship that you can offer him.
10. Capricorn
If born under this star, the man turns out to be a planner. He loves stability and commitment, and performs at his best when the future is all planned and laid out. He is an excellent provider, so he thrives on making you feel safe and secure. He’s a straight shooter, says what’s on his mind, and sometimes can come across as too serious. Balance that with your sense of humour and personality. Make him laugh and he will love you for it.
11. Aquarius
The quirky Aquarius man is a social, humanitarian soul. He loves to spend time with friends and family. He’s always experimenting with life, and lives in the moment. Don’t feel too hurt if you find him being distracted from now and then, because that’s just the side-effect of being completely occupied with the business of living. Anything and everything can seem interesting to him, and in a group, he always has a unique position or argument to share.
12. Pisces
The sign Pisces bestows upon the man a sweet and dreamy nature, which is compassionate and imaginative. He is sensitive and creative, which means that he will always be available to listen to what you want to share and make you feel better if you’re feeling down. The creative side of him sometimes can make him appear spaced out, so if you can communicate that to him, he will listen and mould himself to suit your requirements.

Chirag Thakkar

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