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Lara Bingle planning to leave Australia

 Lara Bingle planning to leave Australia

Over the past decade, Australian model Lara Bingle has consistently Lara-Bingle_1stayed in the news for all the wrong reasons. Lara now wants to leave Australia after surfeit of controversies and is apparently packing bags to live with her current boyfriend Sam Worthington. Last week, she told a photographer that despite Sydney being her home, she had lost all interest due to numerous reasons. Apparently, she feels that her right to privacy has been breached as she is always clicked whenever she steps out of her home.
Apparently, even Sam hates all the attention that they get and wants to move overseas. The complaints of privacy from Lara Bingle have pleasantly surprised many as the model is known to post intimate pictures of herself with her boyfriend on Instagram. She has always been a very avid social media user herself.
Lara Bingle rose to popularity by the “Where the bloody hell are you” campaign related to tourism in 2006.

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