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According to news, Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd, which is a big construction company in Australia, has won a contract worth $370 million for constructing a fresh airline terminal and a transport facility for Melbourne. The company has years of experience in the field of constriction.  Read on to know more about this news.
The contract includes the construction of a 7-story car park, ramps and roads, a below-the-ground service tunnel, ancillary infrastructure and an electrical substation.
Leighton Contractor is planning to construction the terminal with the help of its subsidiary called Broad Construction. Also, the work includes re-claim facilities, baggage handling, staff amenities, retail areas, check-in kiosks and so on and so forth.
The CEO of the Leighton Group says, “We are delighted that we are going to upgrade Melbourne Airport. The award shows that the Leighton Group is expert on building commercial buildings.
The MD of Leighton Contractors says, “We are proud to be part of the upgrade, support the growing role of the airport. He further says that we look forward to helping Melbourne Airport in making one of the best terminals for enhancing customer’s experience.
The award shows our expertise in delivering large scale and complex infrastructure in operating facilities and the supply of upgrade works, such as the fresh Terminal 2 at Perth Airport.
According to latest news, the construction work is going to start in October and the completion year is 2015. Let us wait and see what happens down the line.

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