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Made in India Magazine | October 21, 2021

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what is marketing?

what is marketing?

| On 06, Jun 2014

E-commerce and marketing strategies might have become increasingly common with companies, but one thing to always keep in mind is that direct marketing strategies always serve best and are highly efficient. Some necessary components involved in marketing your business include flyers, business cards, folders and other print items. Construction of your brand of business can be done by effective printing techniques. This approach also helps in deliverance of the company’s motto and services across a relevant audience.

Printing the right flyers

marketingSMLFlyers are small prints on paper that help in captivating the attention of the audience by advertising about the company’s latest offers. The essence is to encourage the genesis of interest and appeal amongst the audience. It is not only an inexpensive way to grab someone’s attention in a busy market place but can also be used as an effective sales-support tool. Every organization spends almost fifty percent of its revenue on the acquisition of new customers. Usage of flyers is an efficacious technique to invite new customers hence expanding the consumer data base.

An effective flyer does not only comprise of a compelling headline, eye-catching design and colours, but also the type of paper that has been utilized for this sole purpose because no matter what you’re printing, or how great your design is, if you have bad quality paper being used, your entire investment goes for a loss. One has to know what makes a high quality paper stock. It is paramount for you to know the type of paper you’ll be printing on prior to deciding the design of the project so that alterations can be made to match the paper. Sleek, smooth paper might benefit a smooth design while a soft matte might be suitable for a subdued theme. Since the main agenda of flyers is to brand the name of the organization out in the world, the type of organization and what is represents can also be depicted in the type of paper used for printing the flyers. For example, if the company advertises eco-friendly nature, then usage of recycled paper for the flyers can be used to its advantage. White paper of about 100 grams per square metre area are an ideal choice for most companies as colour can be printed easily on it and it is a safe bet. But several companies go out of their way to represent their brand through the flyer paper. The more prestigious the piece, thicker is the paper used for printing out the flyers. Paper stocks with a gloss finish are well suitable for grabbing attention with a flashy delivery, as the gloss helps colourful and intricate designs pop off the flyer page. Matte stocks are more suitable for a more subtle appeal and suggest exclusivity. Some organizations even go as far as using special coatings such as aqueous and UV, to further enhances the printed promotional flyers by adding a layer of protection and brilliance. The knack of choosing the best type of paper from the diverse variety available takes consideration but when done right, reaps high profits.

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