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Nespresso Barista Machine Review: Thumbs Up or Down?

 Nespresso Barista Machine Review: Thumbs Up or Down?

All you java lovers out there who can’t seem to start their day without a fresh, strong brew have something to look forward to – the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. If you find yourself rushing to Starbucks every day to grab that tall cuppa before you can even get to the gym, this savvy coffee-maker does the job for you at your own place.

Nespresso BaristaGets You the Right Notes

While all of us may be able to make espresso or even a strong cappuccino at home, we’re generally not quite equipped to whip up the more complex, frothier coffee recipes.
However, calling this machine just a coffee-maker would be an understatement for it is not the feature of every coffee maker to whip up gourmet coffees at the touch of your finger. This curvy, barrel-shaped black machine comes with an LED array of touch buttons and is quite intense, just like its performance.

What Can You Expect?

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus makes it possible for you to make all kinds of exotic, complex coffees at home that could henceforth only be enjoyed at coffee shops for wallet-punching rates. As far as the built of this machine goes, it may store a lot of features in its unassuming shape but may not store a lot of coffee. If you are someone who likes their latte in a tall mug, you’ll be in for some slight disappointment.
However, this Google-Home doppleganger is perhaps the most foreign object to have on your kitchen top but packs in all that you’ll need to whip up artisanal coffees for your pals in the blink of an eye. The machine comes in four parts with an included metal jug.
The touch panel and the LED display are quite responsive. And if you are the messy one in the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about the clean-up for the entire unit is simple to set up and clean, leaving no traces of milk or stains of coffee on your countertop.

Are you craving an iced nitro?Nespresso Barista

Whip it up at home with the help of this awesome-sauce coffee unit. All it needs is for you to put in all the required ingredients, select the beverage from the options on the touch panel, and whoosh! Your beverage, no matter how intricate or complicated it is, will be ready in a matter of a few minutes!
However, here is an important heads up- the machine doesn’t have an espresso option. So, you may need a separate machine or your own manual skills for that.
If all that wasn’t enough, the Nespresso machine is synced with a Nespresso app which, even though a little low on utility, is quite futuristic. You can trigger the coffee-making process from the other end of the house, but you’d still have to assemble the ingredients, right? All in all, thumbs up for the machine for making life 10x easier for coffee-lovers. It’s simple, uncomplicated, efficient, and savvy.

Ramesh Gowri Raghvan

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