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New Miss America becomes the victim of online racial attacks

 New Miss America becomes the victim of online racial attacks

Nina Davuluri was abused on Twitter after she became Miss America.

Some people on Twitter say she is not an American. Other say she is an Arab and looks like a terrorist.
A user on Twitter DallasRobinson8 writes that he is literally so mad that an Arab won.
Jakeamick5 said that how could a foreigner became Miss America. The girl is from Arab.
Emi_adkins stated that it was called Miss America. Just get lost from New York as you look like a pure terrorist.
Another Twitter user said that they just chose a Muslim girl for Miss America. This may have made Mr. President happy.
Others users on Twitter defended her though.
TonySals98 stated: I cannot believe users are being racist about our fresh Miss America. Such people should go away.
Another user said: America is full of racists.
CJlovebug said: The world is very ignorant. Indians are also rightful of gaining the title of Miss America. That is the reason I want to go from America.
Eighty-nine years old V Koteshwaramma said that she was so happy for that girl. Her dream came true at last.

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