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How many times have you driven around in foggy weather without a clue as to where the other vehicles on the road are? Fog is responsible for a lot of pile-ups and accidents, and with this small device, you can put your worries behind you.
Fog causes more accidents and pile-ups on roads than any other weather condition. It is a passive weather type, which means it does not affect us much when we’re out in the open, but because it reduces visibility – sometimes completely – when we’re inside the vehicle, it is more dangerous to us than rain and sun combined, both of which don’t affect visibility on the road so much.
So now there is a laser that can be mounted on your car’s bumper using removable adhesive pads, which will flash a line of red laser five meters behind your vehicle so that everyone behind you can see it and inform them that you’re ahead of them. The distance you want the laser to project back is adjustable to a maximum distance of 5 meters, so that you can use the amount of fog as a barometer in deciding how long you want it to be projected back.
The whole kit is just $US11, including the wiring needed to connect the laser to your car’s electrical system and brake lights so that it’s not on all the time, distracting or blinding other drivers. And the laser itself is of course no more powerful than the laser pointer you’d use during a PowerPoint slideshow, to ensure it’s not going to harm anyone or anything on the road.
It’s an inexpensive fix for a common problem. Use it to make sure that you’re always seen on the road. This little laser could be the difference between having a smooth ride and having your bumper smashed into by the car behind you. Be safe!


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