For your safety, comfort and optimal productivity at the office having a checklist of the following actions can help improve your ergonomics.

Body posture

  1. Proper posture involves keeping your bones and joints correctly aligned to ensure your muscles are being used properly. Always pay particular attention to the position of your head and neck, spine, arms and wrists, as well as hips and feet. The small of your back should be supported.
  2. Ensure you constantly change your sitting position.
  3. Keep work tools such as the keyboard, phone within reach to avoid awkward reaching.
  4. Take several mini-breaks during the day to relax your muscles.
  5. Blink to give your eyes a break.
  6. Do exercises to complement your office ergonomics regime.


  1. Ensure there’s enough light in the room for specific tasks.
  2. However, you should eliminate any glaring light by using window shades and diffusers on overhead lamps.
  3. Set the brightness of your computer at the correct levels for eye comfort.

Air quality and noise levels

  1. Items that collect dust like papers and files should be kept away from your desk.
  2. Your computer screen and other surfaces should be wiped clean regularly
  3. Whenever possible use an air cleaner to reduce airborne particles like dust and mould.
  4. Any distracting noises should be noted, and ear plugs used to mitigate the situation.


  1. Furniture should be well organised in the office.
  2. Your desk should  be kept clutter-free
  3. Tasks should be alternated to avoid the monotony of doing the same activity repeatedly.
  4. Adopt stress- reducing techniques to keep you invigorated.

Damien Peters

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