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The Open Bathroom concept – The Greatest Design Blunder?

 The Open Bathroom concept – The Greatest Design Blunder?

Imagine the horror, when the room service guy knocks on your door and your wife opens it, completely forgetting the fact that you are on the potty seat doing your business in the latest trendy Open Bathroom. The room service guy will definitely skip the dinner after that visual. Now imagine sharing that room with family and friends.
Forget about hotels, but a concept like this in a family home can actually scar some kid for life. People should try this exercise once before opting for this trending concept. They should actually hold a mirror while they are crapping to see their facial reaction, and trust me it is not pretty even if they are film stars.
As the trend is picking up, interior designers are getting more creative by getting rid of the glass partition as well. After the horrific visuals, do they seriously want to get rid of the only sound and the smell barrier? Imagine you wake up in the morning to the horrific smell of garlic meat balls. What a fresh start to a wonderful day.
There is a reason why we wear clothes – to protect our body. There is a reason why bathroom has walls with porcelain or tile interiors – to protect the stuff in the house from moisture. Water can eventually destroy your furnitures, walls and other stuffs in the liquid or vapor form. The vapor on the curtains, sheets and clothing can help fungi and yeast to develop quickly due to moisture and warmth.
Going to the woods for the personal business seems more feasible after such incredible ideas. Designers should help people figure out to use their space better in these congested little apartments or hotels rather than opening doors and walls in the name of trend.

Pradip Atluri

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