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 When it comes to parenting, there are two different kinds of men: the ones who take a great interest in it and are very hands-on, and then the ones who are not. But it has come to our notice that there may be a new breed: those that want to be hands-on but are not allowed to be by their own wives.
 Why? The wives believe that being women, they have the natural edge at knowing ‘what’s best for the child’.
 Of course, no one here is suggesting that the father has the same physical stake in the birth of a child as the mother, but when that is used as a reason every time there is a discussion or a disagreement about what to do parenting-wise, it could lead to a problem. When things are going well, it could be ‘our child’, but once the barriers go up, would you like it if it became ‘my child’, just because the woman gave birth?
 After all, the process of creation of life cannot be done without active participation of the man and the woman. Parenting should be the same. It’s team work. But in the real world, it is often the case that the business of parenting is dominated by the woman to a large degree. The father just learns to get by as best as they can, and often their experience of being a parent is much, much different to what the mothers experience.
 So while we fight for equality in other spheres of life, let’s also do the same when it comes to parenting.

Christian Mc Karthy

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