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 It’s so hard to find true love these days. And to add to the confusion, there is the pragmatic, stern side that should be taken care of as well, to balance the head-over-heels feeling that comes from love’s first kiss. One of the things that we often ignore when evaluating compatibility with a partner is their design choices. And yet, on some thought this appears to be a logical thing to do, because after all, you plan to share living space with somebody else. Isn’t it reasonable to wonder whether they want a similar space as you?
 For instance, how would you like it if you visit your boyfriend for the first time and see a life-sized poster of Bart Simpson ‘flashing the moonie’ in the living room? Would you hold your hands up to your ear and run? Or would you run up to your partner and hug him?
 Even here, there may be two different possibilities. Opposites may attract, so you may see a minimalist may find it intellectually and sensually challenging to live in with a French Provincial junkie. Or who knows? They may find a happy middle ground together and merge their two styles to create something that combines well.
 Just like in any other part of the relationship, communication and compromise will come first here too. If both people are happy talking to each other about why their design choices appeal to them, they may find it easier to find a middle ground somewhere.
 So if you’ve found your design soulmate, congratulations. If not, no matter, just talk to them, listen and give a little. Happy designing!

Jenn Patrick

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