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Beauty comes at a price, they say. Given the thrall under which beautiful people are held in our society, we think the benefits outweigh the price, but still – here are a few out-of-the-world treatments that promise women beauty and everlasting youth. Well, if not everlasting, long lasting enough to make it worth a try.
Don’t cringe. We don’t mean the leeches that you find in swamps. These are leeches that have been trained in the clinic for drawing blood. Apparently in the process of injecting your skin and sucking at your blood vessels, these leeches inject enzymes into your body that detoxifies it. Don’t ask us how; just try it if you’re so curious. We stopped reading at ‘leeches’.
Snail mucus
If you’ve spent any time watching snails go about their business, you know that they leave behind a gooey slimy trail. This stuff is supposedly good for your skin for, well, everything that you can think of. So what are you waiting for? The next time you see a snail, pick it up and make it run around your face. Nah, we’re just kidding. There are enough extracts on the market now. Just ask your make up guy for something with snail mucus in it. If you’d rather have snails run over your face, you will need to go to Tokyo, we’re afraid.
Bee Venom
This is considered to be nature’s botox. We don’t know where one should go to get bee venom, nor do we know what it is good for, but we found out that Duchess Kate used it for her wedding, so we think it must be good.
Python massage
Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be rubbed down by a python? The scales on the snake feel just like cold hands, we’re told. At Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines, you can have a fifteen-minute python message where they will let not one, not two, but four pythons slither all over you to get you nice and relaxed. If you’re worried about the snakes getting tempted to squeeze just a little tighter around your body, never fear. They’re fed ten plump chickens each before they’re let loose on you.

Rashmi Singh

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