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Psychological Analysis of a Rapist’s Mind

 Psychological Analysis of a Rapist’s Mind

The entire globe got shocked by the horrific rape incident that happened in Delhi two months back. A lot of public anger and reforms took centre stage. As we finally see the five accused going to trial on 5th February, Made in India talks of exactly what leads to this ultimate perversion that culminates in such acts.
Taboo: It is one of the most provocative and exciting feelings. Society has emerged with the civilization but little did the fools know that they were missing the most important part, which still lingers around – ‘narrow-mindedness in equality and freedom for the fair sex’.
When perverts are restricted to do something physically, they start imagining (fantasizing). What can restrict imagination? Beliefs and sins. However, with the thought of the so-called ‘sin’, they try not to think about it. Some men try hard and suppress their thoughts but what can stop dreams, or let’s say wet-dreams?
Mind works in mysterious ways. The more it is suppressed, the more the fantasies build within, like a volcano and reaches to that level, that zenith that it explodes with multiple intensities by blocking the person’s sense of consciousness— of right and wrong.
Sex as Sin: Sex has been depicted as the worst thing in some societies. In many religions, sex before marriage is a great sin. Adultery, in some countries is still an unforgivable sin. When their minds are full of sex, imposing such conditions on people seems very absurd. Sex is natural but many societies have projected it as unnatural and ugly, which is why most women in such societies are unaware of its purity and are uncomfortable in discussing it. They shy away or start despising it.
Sexual Fetishes: Here it has nothing to do with the attire that women wear. Every rapist has different kind of sexual fetishes. This describes one’s psychotic disorders on a huge echelon. If a woman is in veil and her body is covered, such men who have different fetishes, like foot fetish, will focus on their feet. Some of them get enticed by their fingers, eyes, eye-lashes, gait, or even by the veil.
This kind of Paraphilia operates as sparks in such men. They observe women silently and it needs seconds to trigger their fetish to reach their brains.
Environmental Influences: People keep writing about their rage on social networking sites but little do they understand that their messages do not reach masses (not everybody). Many men from such societies do not even read newspapers or watch news, but watch dumb movies and idiotic serials which block people’s mind in countless ways.
Such men do not have access to women due to poverty, ugliness and other related factors. When they get a chance, they molest women in buses, trains, or other local transports, in crowd since they believe that nobody would recognize them and they can get away easily. In most of such cases, women are silent because they have to go to schools, colleges, work, home, etc. Furthermore, they get less support from their families and their loved ones.
Sex education is important but just screaming about it will not help since lessons are not taught the way they should be taught. Either they are done for publicity, or for money or just for the sake of regulations. The term ‘sex’ excites and instead of focusing on the lessons, many get enticed in the direction of fantasy and imagination. Even in corporate world, educated people start misbehaving. The moment women try to get close to them (emotionally or mentally), they want to get intimate with them physically. Even when women try to discuss about sexual problems by trusting them, they emerge with their cheapness and contemptible mentality by sharing cheap jokes or by speaking in innuendos.
Attention Seeking: Rape has become a sizzling topic for Indian media, which hangs on the trees of shallowness. When they read about rapes, the confidence of some rapists gets stronger. They think they can get double pleasure by raping. They get in the news and they get the chance to boast about their manliness without understanding the sensitivity of the case. They are more concerned about getting their names in the media and in society even when they are spitted. Good or bad, it does not matter for them.
Manhood in Erroneous Way: In most of the villages and even in cities (including metros), men think that they are men when they can force a woman. It is a general mentality that they carry from their ancestors. Raping women, for them, is nothing but an achievement.
Defending from Attacker: We read a lot about how women should go out and what they should wear and that they should carry pepper-spray kick in the balls, etc. But most of the preachers or writers or reporters do not know how the attacker is to be attacked physically.
With personal experience as a martial artist, I can say that it is not easy. I have been into physical brawls— street fights, ugly fights, worst fights, bloody fights, till when I was 24 (before my shoulder broke). When you are in a fight, or when you get attacked, the vision gets distorted. Hands shake and head throbs. Now, for women, one cannot even imagine.
The brain captures panic messages and spreads across. In most of the cases, mind becomes numb, body gets weak and frail. Even when the target is in front of your eyes, you cannot retaliate but use primitive methods like scratching or biting or screaming in order to escape from the clutches of the attacker.
When you want to attack, your brain is already busy with fear and you cannot gather enough power to attack with the force required since you are not a street fighter.
It is very easy to write and preach how women should fight back and spray pepper in the eyes of the rapist but on field, it is difficult. There is no time, none at all. Attack happens within fraction of seconds, brain starts sending panic messages as soon as the negative vibes start crossing the spine of the victim.
Learning self-defensive arts will take time. Moreover, everything is commercialised. There are no guarantees in the field, of your belt or certificate.
First-hand knowledge from the instructor is very important. Theoretical tips may not help. Just by reading tips, people cannot help themselves. Various factors are involved such as height of the attacker, weight, distance, number of attackers, time, place, etc. This can be taught personally by a good instructor.
This is not to spread terror or underestimate but the reality.

Syed Amaan Ahmad

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