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Recently Broke-Up? Read These

 Recently Broke-Up? Read These

Break-ups are the worst. The flood of emotions, the incessant memories and the need to find something new to get rid of everything old, each and everything about a break-up sucks. There is no doubt about the fact that dealing with a break-up is hard. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to get over it, like shopping, eating a lot of chocolates/ice creams, travelling, getting a make-over or reading books. Out of all of these methods to jump past the ‘post break-up time’, reading books is by far the cheapest, the healthiest and the most easily doable task. Here is a list of some incredibly helpful books that will encourage you to move on –
The Lover’s Dictionary – The good thing about this book is that it seems unique but simultaneously, the events carry a sense of familiarity throughout. You will nod along and smile as the story of the young couple unfolds. This David Lavithan book is refreshing to read as it has been written in the form of a dictionary, constantly leading you to several aspects of the relationship of two individuals, who are mature and understanding but somehow don’t get it.
Love is a Thief – If you agree with the title, you will love the book. It is about a girl, who is on a mission to get back what love stole from her. She decides to do all that she couldn’t, because of love. Those who liked Bridget Jones’ Diary, will love the protagonist of this book. The characters of this engaging story have been crafted beautifully by Claire Garber and if you too have lost a bit at the hands of love, this is the book for you.
Agonizing Love – This comic book by Michael Barson is a must read, especially if you are a die-hard romantic. Agonizing Love is a compilation of several short stories, each of them with its own individualistic flavour and appeal. The commentary that binds everything together in this book is extremely witty as well as informational. Besides the comic strips, this book also has some engaging quizzes, informative write-ups and letters of confessions written by the readers. This book really encourages you to find that one person who is born in this world to be with you. Also, in case you are with a wrong person, this book can give you some really helpful tips on how to get rid of that person to make things right.
MWF (Married White Female) Seeking BFF – This fun-filled memoir by Rachel Bertsche compels you to think, how a relationship changes you as a person. In order to adjust to the needs and expectations of your new love, you often forget who you are and what you really want from your life. Rachel moved-in with her boyfriend and was really thrilled to instigate this new chapter of her life, but soon she realises that her social life was becoming non-existent.

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