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Does Santa Claus Really Exist?

 Does Santa Claus Really Exist?

We love Santa! Who doesn’t? A joyous old man who sends millions of gifts every year, to kids around the world and that too in one night. A man who works so hard deserves to be loved. But let’s back up here for a minute and think. Think, how can one man, in a sleigh flown by reindeers, carry so much weight and still fly around the world, every year, without failing? Here are some calculations which may help us understand, whether or not Santa Claus exists, logically –
1. Let’s talk about the reindeers. Never have we found a species of flying reindeers on earth. There is a possibility that there might be such a species and we have not yet discovered it, but it is only a very slim possibility.
2. Now even if flying reindeers existed, they would have to be super-strong to pull , no fly, around 350, 000 tonnes of weight which includes millions of gifts, a sleigh and an overweight Santa. By the way, a normal reindeer can pull around 300 pounds of weight.
3. Santa Claus has a tight schedule. He has around 30 hours to complete his tedious job of delivering gifts to around 380 million good Christian kids, at least, which implies that he has to cover 822 households in just 1 second. Phew!
4. Let’s say he is able to pull this stunt off. To do this, he will have to move at a speed of 650 miles per second, i.e. 3000 times the speed of sound, whilst carrying more than 350,000 tonnes of weight.
5. If he travels at this speed, on earth, the reindeers and Santa will have to fight the tremendous resistance of air, in the same way a rocket has to when entering earth’s atmosphere. Well, if Santa does exist, I hope he is wearing more than just a red jacket and pants

Divya Mangal

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