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Save Thousands of Dollars with Amazon Tiny Homes

 Save Thousands of Dollars with Amazon Tiny Homes

Amazon, the popular eCommerce giant, has moved beyond selling just about everything needed in the home to sell the house itself. Amazon now offers on its marketplace several build-it-yourself (BIY) tiny homes kits that provide the necessary tools and materials for a full house. These kits can be shipped directly to your doorstep.

There is a wide variety of these tiny homes with different affordable structures on the platform. These structures include BIY houses and houses on wheels. Mind you; these homes are bigger and accommodative than what you consider to be “tiny.”

The idea of the tiny home began to grow in popularity during the 2007 economic depression when many people and families were forced to find cheaper ways to live.

In recent years, tiny homes have gradually grown in popularity, whether it’s because of the increasing costs of living, because of limited land areas, or because people are encouraged to adopt minimalist living. With tiny homes, you own your property at an affordable rate, even if it’s within a 500square feet land area.

Amazon decided to step into making these easy-to-buy, simple-to-build tiny homes. The eCommerce marketplace offers lots of various small home kits that can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

However, if you feel these tiny homes are really “tiny” for you, Amazon can also offer build-it-yourself kits for building larger houses that cover more than 500 square ft land size. Notwithstanding, these larger tiny homes are yet more affordable than a small apartment in Silicon Valley.

The tiny house also provides a comfortable living condition. What possibly qualifies it as a tiny home is that it is usually set under a 500 square feet land. A tiny home is far less expensive for people who can’t afford large functional houses and perfect for those who want to live the minimalistic kind of lifestyle.

Buying any of these tiny homes on Amazon is like buying a bigger version of IKEA furniture. Depending on the model and structural design, some of these tiny homes are equipped with home-building materials, such as shingles for a roof and glass for windows. Allwood, a wood-production e-retailing company, sells most of the tiny houses on Amazon. Just like its name suggests, Allwood makes structures entirely out of wood.

Based on the tiny houses’ square footage, they generally cost between USD8,000 to USD50,000 on Amazon. Usually, Allwood often advertises their homes as cabins and not fully-functional residential buildings because the houses come with only the bare materials and few features.

Most time, you may need the service of an expert when setting up the tiny home. For instance, most of these small homes only have floorboards and no materials for a foundation. So, outside expertise may be needed to erect the foundation to ensure that the house is stable and secure. More so, most tiny homes lack amenities, including plumbing, electricity, and gas. You need skilled craftsmanship to add these amenities. 

According to Allwood, instead of treating these tiny houses as residences, using them as a standalone retail building, a garden cottage, or a lake house.

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