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The Hidden Dangers in Gyms: Why One Crore Indians Risk Cardiac Catastrophes in Pursuit of Fitness

The gym has long been a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts, offering a myriad of options to build muscles, lose weight, and enhance physical performance. However, an alarming trend has emerged among the Indian populace, putting as many as one crore gym-goers at risk of severe cardiac issues. This phenomenon raises essential questions about our obsession...Read More

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Heart Health and Womanhood: What Top Doctors Have To Say On Sushmita Sen’s Massive Heart Attack

When news broke about Sushmita Sen, the iconic Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe, experiencing a heart attack, it sent shockwaves across her global fan base. Sen, who has always been a symbol of grace, strength, and empowerment, suddenly became the face of a medical issue that many consider mainly a ‘man’s problem.’ The event...Read More