Pets are a great source of joy and happiness, but they need to be cared for as well, beyond just the basic health care we normally give them. In this article, we tell you five things that you must definitely do with your pet so that they live long and happy lives.

Pets are a great way to make additions to your family. Not only do they provide entertainment and love, but research indicates that households in pets are happier and less prone to depression and anxiety in general. However, pets also bring with them a whole host of responsibilities for the master. Here is a list of things that you must do as a pet owner to give them the best life that you can.

1. Get your pet examined regularly
They say health is wealth. This is especially true for your pet, who cannot tell you that something is wrong with it. Just like you, your pet can develop arthritis, heart disease, or even small discomforts such as toothaches or fleas. The best way to be ready for these unexpected conditions and get your pet back to 100% is to ensure that you visit veterinarian at twice a year. Nutrition and weight control should be on top of the agenda on all your visits, besides the essentials like vaccinations and regular health screenings.

2. Spay and neuter your pets
There are more cats and dogs in the world than there are homes to rear them. That is a fact. So while it is noble of you to think that sterilizing a pet is killing its ‘natural instinct’, you may want to think of all the millions of cats and dogs out there who are homeless or have been abandoned. The best way is to bite the bullet and get your pet sterilized. This has more benefits than hindrances: for instance, they are less likely to develop cancer, and they’re also less likely to roam and run away.

3. Control external and internal parasites
Fleas are the most common external parasite that plague pets, and they cause irritation, hair loss and infection. Internally, tapeworms are common among cats and dogs, which will result in weight loss and a host of other problems. The only solution is year round prevention, with regular flea and intestinal parasite control.

4. Watch your pet’s weight
Just like being overweight is problematic for human beings, so it is for animals too. Many dogs and cats, especially in affluent homes, suffer from obesity or they’re at high risk of being obese due to the rich food available around the clock. Getting them in shape could add years to their lives, and it could be a simple matter of not overfeeding them and giving them enough exercise to keep them nice and fit. Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s calorie requirement, and stay well under it.

5. Stimulate them, both mentally and physically
This goes without saying, but pets need an enriched environment in which to grow and prosper. Mental stimulation is important for your pets to develop. Take your dog on daily walks. Have toys of different kinds for your cat to play with. Make sure that you’re spending enough time with them on a daily basis so that your bond with them also grows stronger. 

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