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Tandoori Tofu

 Tandoori Tofu

In order to cook Tandoori Tofu, first of all you need to heat the grill rack up to medium-high. Now, the mixture has to be made which will consist of cumin, ½ tbsp salt, turmeric, coriander and paprika in a small bowl. Take a skillet and heat oil in it. Make sure that you heat it up to medium level as heating at higher levels can burn the oil. Now, add the mixture that you made to the skillet along with lime juice and garlic. Start cooking and stirring the mixture repeatedly until it emits a fragrance. Now cover the skillet for a min and then turn off the gas.

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Let us come to the tofu part now. Firstly, you need to pat the tofu dry and then make 6 even slices out of it. Now, sprinkle ½ tbsp salt over it following which you need to heat up the grill rack. Start grilling the tofu and keep it on the rack till that time you are able to see grill marks on it. Usually it is recommended to grill each side for a period of 2-3 minutes. Now, with the leftover spice oil, combine the yogurt and serve the cooked Tandoori Tofu along with sauce made of yogurt. You can also garnish the yogurt with scallions or even cilantro for a better taste.
Tandoori Tofu is ready to be served now.

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