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Telstra launches new Best of Business Awards

 Telstra launches new Best of Business Awards

Telstra announced the launch of its new awards program, the Telstra Best of Business Awards, which celebrates small and medium sized businesses who are using innovation and expertise to drive the nation forward.

The new program continues Telstra’s long legacy of awards programs that recognise exceptional leaders and small and medium businesses, providing a platform to further their success and inspire others.

Telstra Consumer and Small Business Group Executive, Michael Ackland said the past year gave Telstra an opportunity to reflect and reimagine a program of the future.

Michael Ackland, Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business Telstra
Michael Ackland, Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business Telstra

“We are proud of the support we have shown the small business community over the past 25 years through the Telstra Business Awards and the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, where we have recognised over 5,000 finalists from both city and regional areas across each state and territory of Australia,” Mr Ackland said.

“The Telstra Best of Business Awards builds on the success and learnings of these award programs and is a reflection of our desire to continue to lead positive change for all Australians.

“It allows us to celebrate the businesses and people making a positive impact within their community, industry, across the country or perhaps the world.  

“We know the past year has been challenging for everyone, particularly small to medium sized businesses. We hope by creating this new program, we will lead a national conversation and shine a light on businesses that are making a meaningful contribution to Australia and provide them with the recognition they deserve.”

Central to the new awards program is the addition of a new, annually-changing awards category – Progressing Australia. The new category will highlight businesses that are best responding to the most pressing issues the nation faces.

Jeremy Nicholas, Chief Marketing Officer Telstra
Jeremy Nicholas, Chief Marketing Officer Telstra

To identify this category, Telstra will conduct extensive research each year with the Australian public and business experts to gain a pulse check of the nation, and the issues that matter most. This research will be used to set the ever-changing national agenda for the awards.

This year’s topic is Local Leadership – a category that champions small businesses who are excelling in their role of building a thriving community of the future. This comes after research showed 96 per cent of consumers said they considered small businesses an important part of their community.*

Diversity and inclusion is also at the heart of this revamped program, from improved accessibility to the entry process, to the creation of new categories. This includes Indigenous Excellence for Indigenous-owned businesses, Accelerating Women for businesses challenging exclusion and inequality, and Building Communities for businesses working to make a positive impact on their communities.

“We are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion and ensuring all business owners from a cross-section of industries, sizes, categories and locations are able to enter and are judged fairly. We want to give everyone across Australia the opportunity to be on the main stage,” Mr Ackland said. 

All businesses under 200 employees are invited to nominate and enter across eight categories.

Entering the Telstra Best of Business Awards will help business owners take their business to the next level. The rigorous judging process will seek to identify those who are having an impact in the areas and industries most important to Australia’s growth.

Anyone can nominate an exceptional business by heading to the website today:


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Editors’ Notes:

Further information on the Telstra Best of Business Awards categories:

Building Communities

For businesses working to make a positive impact on culture and society so people from all walks of life can thrive as part of a supportive community.

Championing Health

For businesses focused on innovative solutions, improving health outcomes for every Australian.

Embracing Innovation

For businesses innovating with technology to develop solutions for challenges faced by modern Australia.

Promoting Sustainability

For businesses reducing their environmental impact by driving sustainable change within their industry for a cleaner and healthier planet.

Outstanding Growth

For businesses achieving significant growth and contributing to building a more resilient Australian economy.

Accelerating Women

For businesses actively challenging exclusion and inequality to create meaningful and lasting equity for women.

Indigenous Excellence

For Indigenous-led, owned and operated businesses succeeding through entrepreneurialism, innovation and inspiring the next generation of all Australians.

Progressing Australia

For businesses tackling important issues affecting Australia. Each year the committee will set the theme for the Award in line with the national agenda. Note: Businesses must enter one of the above seven core categories to opt into the Progressing Australia category.

The 2021 topic is: Local Leadership

A category for businesses who are future-focused in their role of building a thriving community of the future. The category champions SMBs who have demonstrated strong leadership in their community by advocating for the skilling and reskilling of the future to sustainably drive economic growth and social cohesion at the local level.

*Telstra National Agenda Item Research, CHE Proximity x QMR, 2021- Nationally Representative Sample, Sample size: n = 1,005 age range: 18 – 65+  

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