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Made in India Magazine | October 25, 2021

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The 14 Must-Have Toys For Your Kids This Christmas

The 14 Must-Have Toys For Your Kids This Christmas

| On 28, Nov 2019

Christmas is here again, and we all want to get some impressive toys for our kids that they would appreciate this holiday season. Certain toys seem to be the most wanted gifts by kids across the country and knowing what these toys are in advance will not only save you from stress and unnecessary spending but will also keep your kids from disappointment. 

Most toy stores release their predictions of the top Christmas toys, and they are usually pretty accurate. But to save you from the stress of browsing through all of these toy stores, we have collated a list of the 14 must-have toys for this Christmas, so you can quickly check through and pick the toys that will suit your kids.

Aliens Dissection Kit by Treasure X

Aliens Dissection Kit by Treasure X

This is a new toy for children of ages five and above. This must-buy gift contains 18 different aliens, each with different hunters and jewels. Using this toy is based on this premise: any of the aliens has swallowed one of the treasure hunters, and your kid has to rescue the swallowed hunter, his treasure and his weapon from all inside of the alien.

After your kid has rescued the hunter and his belongings from the alien, the alien can be kept back into the pack to be reused later. This is a toy your kid will love. You can get this toy for $38.04 from Amazon.

Invisibility Cloak of Harry Potter

Invisibility Cloak of Harry Potter

If your kid loves the Harry Potter movie, then this is undoubtedly a gift for him or her. Get this invisibility cloak for your kid to make him or her turn invisible – however you would need the Wow! Stuff app to make this possible.

Your kids only need to wear this cloak and snap themselves using the Wow! Stuff photo app and the captured image looks as if they have disappeared. The invisibility cloak is 55 inches long and is perfect for children of ages six and above. Get this favourite Harry Potter toy for $109 new and $48 used from Amazon!

Blume Doll

Blume Doll

Does your kid love the Chia Pet? This toy is a more glamorous and colourful version. All your child needs to do to make it work is to sprinkle water evenly on the pot and watch the hidden doll pop out. You can choose from 22 different Blume dolls, and each has its beautiful hairstyles – rainbows, pineapples, ice-cream, cakes. The dolls have outfits and other perks, such as mini friends, stickers, surprise accessories, etc. This toy is suitable for children above the ages of 4 years. Get yours from Amazon.

Interactive Plush Toy by FurReal Cubby

Interactive Plush Toy by FurReal Cubby

This interactive plush toy is best for children of ages four years and above and can be bought for $119 from BigW. The curious bear has an ultra-expression and can make over 90 pretty faces, sounds, and motions. The bear can also move its mouth, nose, and eyes. This cub also has a night-time mode, where it plays soft sounds and makes silent noises that will likely remind your kid that it is time for sleep.

LEGO by Klutz – Make Your Movie Kit

LEGO by Klutz - Make Your Movie Kit

Inspire your kid’s imagination this Christmas using this stop-motion Klutz LEGO movie activity kit. This kit has an instruction book of 78 pages to help your kid understand the essentials of making stop-motion movies – from creating the script and writing the storyline to set various camera angles as well as choosing appropriate sound effects. This kit also comes with 36 props, mini-figures, six different scene backdrops, and ten pre-set movies that would help your kid better understand the basics. Once your kid understands the basics, he or she can then create more movies later on.

If your kid wishes to build a career in film making or movie production, this kit is a must-have toy this Christmas. You only need to get iMovie or any other movie software to make the short film a reality. Get this amazing toy from Amazon.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can either be used as a handheld device or as a console for a computer monitor/TV set. Presently, there are over 1,500 games that are compatible with this Switch. This is a favourite toy for your gamer child. To prevent obsession, this toy comes with parental controls that are easy-to-use and enable you to set monitor usage, time limits, and ensure your kid is playing age-restricted games using an application. Get this Nintendo Switch toy for $313.98 from Amazon.

Lion King Ride-On Plush Toy by Dynacraft

Make your kid enjoy a Simba ride-on toy this Christmas season. If your child loves the Lion King film, now let them create their jungle moments using this Dynacraft lion king plush ride-on toy. This toy gives a funny roaring sound as well as has a motor that moves the toy in forwarding motion. This ride-on toy is suitable for children that are three years and above. The toy is operated by a 6volt battery and also has a “jungle den” – a lovely storage place where Simba can be kept after the day’s adventure. Get this amazing toy for $149.00 from Walmart.

LOL Surprise Glamper

LOL Surprise Glamper

Give your kid a glamping experience with this LOL surprise stylish Glamper. This glamper is recommended for children between the age of 5 and 10. The toy comes with over 55 amazing gifts as well as other extras, such as an exclusive LOL doll, fashion runway, DJ booth, barbecue patio, two-storey water slide, as well as a light-up pool. Your kid can detach the glamper front, which will turn into a car. Get this amazing toy for $169 from Target

Paw Patrol Great Lookout Tower

Paw Patrol Great Lookout Tower

If your kid is a fan of Paw Patrol, then this is a must-have toy this season. The toy is about 3 ft tall and is excitingly big enough and suitable for children from the age of 3 upward. This mighty tower consists of six-car launch areas (although the set comes only with one pup and vehicle), zip line, and a working elevator. It has lots of cool sound effects and blinking lights. Get this fantastic toy for $48 from Myer

Hatching Interactive Toothless Baby Dragon by Dreamworks

This amazing Baby Dragon is an interactive edition of “Toothless.” If your kid loves the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon,” he or she would surely love this toy. The toy comes with several skills, such as tapping from inside its shell, emerging from its shell, roaring, ear-wiggling, and giving answers to questions.

This toy is suitable for kids above the age of five. The dragon comes ready to be hatched from its egg, and once it’s hatched, your child can feed it with fish included in the pack and also teach the dragon its new tricks. Get this fantastic toy for $44.97 from Amazon or Walmart.

Transforming Batmobile by Fisher-Price Imaginext

This iconic Batmobile is special for super kids. This toy is two toys integrated into one – a nice wheeled Batmobile that transforms into a Batplane with single button operation. The toy is packed with a small Batman figure, armour, a weapon, and two other spaces for other superheroes, which can be purchased separately. Get this fantastic toy from Target.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station with Plush

Crafty children who love tools and Do-It-Yourself projects would love this toy. Kids would be able to form 3 distinct stuffed animals with this workshop. Your kid only needs to fluff the stuffing, then place it into the chosen animal. Your kid would dress up each animal in its dress. Three colourful creatures, which are a unicorn and two bears, are in the pack. These creatures come with accessories and birth certificates. This toy is suitable for children above three years and can be purchased from Amazon.

Bounce and Spin Puppy by Fisher-Price

Bounce and Spin Puppy by Fisher-Price

This toy is aimed at children from the ages of 1 upward. This adorable puppy gives a firm but bouncy playing spot. The handlebars have a flashy lighten up roller which kids would enjoy to spin. You can choose to have the puppy sing numbers, simple words and the alphabet or to play only music. Get this educative toy for $44.44 from Amazon

Xtreme Bulldozer

If you have a child who loves constructions or enjoys watching activities at building sites, then this bulldozer is a must-have Christmas toy for him or her. The toy is specially designed for kids that are six years old and above. The design and structure are very close to that of an actual bulldozer. Aside from being able to make siren sounds and light up, it can also push or pull any stuff of about 200 pounds. Xtreme Bulldozer comes with actual rubber tires which can move on rocks and dirt. However, the toy moves in only the forward direction and is button activated, which is located on top of the bulldozer, instead of remote control. Get this nice toy from Amazon.


Christmas time is near. Show your kids some love by getting any of the fantastic Christmas gifts listed above. Check any of these gifts that fit your budget…happy celebration.

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