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The US$3499 Apple headset that you don’t need, but the world does…

 The US$3499 Apple headset that you don’t need, but the world does…

Wooden wheels were common tools that early societies of ancient times used for pottery, irrigation and mining; centuries later, the wooden wheels made their way to chariots and became an inseparable part of the transportation system.

It stood the test of time, and inventors gradually integrated them for various purposes beyond the vehicles. This is a true testament to technological innovation that has helped to simplify and accelerate the daily activities of human beings. Meanwhile, we share an interdependent relationship with technology tools and vice versa.

And that is where innovations such as Apple’s $3,499 headset comes into the picture; the headset has succeeded in making quite a splash in the market. Besides, avid tech and AR admirers, including Indian Australians, seem to have been captivated ever since the announcement.

The buzzword around Apple’s $3,499 headset

Apple Vision Pro

The future of AR is here, and we are living for it!!! At least, that is what the makers of the product are claiming. They are touting it as a cutting-edge tool to enhance your AR (Augmented Reality) experience. And by the looks of it, we cannot help but wonder with awe at this next-gen tech.

Who should be excited about this?

Anyone and everyone who loves artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality solutions and technology. Furthermore, chances are that the Apple headset could attract the Indian diaspora in Australia, given the fact they occupy the majority of IT-based jobs in the country.

Besides, a considerable amount of Indian professionals and students working or aspiring to work in the Australian IT sector keep track of the in-demand technological solutions. So, naturally, being skilled and aware of recent tech developments allow them to get the upper hand in the competitive job market.

What’s so special about the Apple headset, and why should you get behind the product?

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary AR headset that you can control with your eyes, hands and voice, something that other headsets in the market do not have. Moreover, it integrates spatial computing and provides a new dimension to powerful personal technology. It is a next-gen tech for the following reasons:

  • Apple Vision Pro is an AR headset that amalgamates the real and digital worlds
  • The device can seamlessly switch between augmented and full virtual reality with the help of a dial.
  • It allows the users to experience and create content in a new way.
  • You can watch movies with spatial audio, helping to create the vibe of being present in a cinema theatre.
  • It enables you to see apps overlaid across real-world surroundings, and you can scroll or select an option by flicking or tapping your fingers.
  • It has a proprietary R1 chip, allowing a smooth user experience wherein you can stream images without any lagging issues.
  • R1 also facilitates a feature called EyeSight which projects realistic graphics of your eyes to people around you while you are wearing the headset. Additionally, it allows you to see the person you are speaking with through the headset, which is an advanced feature.

What is up with the price of the headset?

“Imitation is the best form of flattery”; be that as it may, the quote does not have any relevance in the business sector. On the contrary, when mid to small-scale companies copy the products of other companies, it hampers the business owners who came up with the idea in the first place.

For instance, the Apple headset will be on the market for at least one year before the Chinese counterfeit companies begin making cheaper versions of the headphones. Besides, these companies are renowned for duplicating high-end technological gadgets.

On the other hand, Apple spent years in research and development for elaborate planning, designing and manufacturing the revolutionary product. Therefore, the $3,499 price tag is a strategic measure to make up for the revenue loss that Apple will encounter as a by-product of Chinese knockoffs.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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