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Here’s What Influential Indians Had To Say About Matthew Perry’s Death

The death of Matthew Perry, renowned for his role as Chandler Bing in the sitcom ‘Friends,’ has reverberated worldwide, and India is no exception. From Bollywood to the business world, influential Indians took to social media and other platforms to express their grief and pay homage to the late actor. Here’s what some of them...Read More

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The Inaugural SXSW Sydney® Comes to a Close After a  Mind Bending Week of Exploration

The inaugural SXSW Sydney has officially come to close, leaving an impressive mark on the city's cultural landscape. With over 1,100 events including 500+ conference sessions, an extensive music line-up across iconic Sydney venues, over 80 feature films and TV screenings, and the launch of new games and tech, the event brought a wave of creativity, innovation and entertainment to the Harbour City.Read More

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The US$3499 Apple headset that you don’t need, but the world does…

Wooden wheels were common tools that early societies of ancient times used for pottery, irrigation and mining; centuries later, the wooden wheels made their way to chariots and became an inseparable part of the transportation system. It stood the test of time, and inventors gradually integrated them for various purposes beyond the vehicles. This is...Read More

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A few unbelievable places on Earth

Earth is full of wonderful and unusual places, and adventurers and photographers roam worldwide, capturing the beauty of such regions. Furthermore, geographical locations, climatic conditions, and seasons offer a variety of awe-stocking sceneries. For instance, pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breathtaking canyons and mountains, etc. Some of the following places are gifts of...Read More

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Rishi Sunak – From an Immigrant’s son to United Kingdom’s first Indian British Prime Minister

On October 24 (Monday), British Politician Rishi Sunak won the election and became the Conservative Party leader and Britain’s next Prime Minister. Besides, his rival Penny Mordaunt did not succeed in securing hundred mandatory nominations from her fellow M.P.s, after which she retreated from the elections. As a result, Mr Sunak became the new PM...Read More