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The fastest way to gain Australian PR Post COVID

 The fastest way to gain Australian PR Post COVID

The Global Talent Visa Scheme also called the Global Talent Independent Programme, is a simplified visa for highly qualified professionals to work and reside in Australia permanently. Australia is a destination of many lifestyles and one of the world’s most stable, healthy, and cultural nations. Through the scheme, talented people will be granted permanent residency in Australia.

Program Aim

This program aims to enable the innovation and technical ecosystems of Australia to expand, which creates opportunities for Australians through the transfer of expertise, innovation promotion, and job creation. Through this program, Australia provides innovation opportunities, mutually-beneficial corporate partnerships and a business-friendly regulatory approach.


The Global Talent Independent Program (GTI program) was launched in November 2019 to provide the most eligible and talented people with a simplified, priority visa pathway. It is an innovative new initiative built inside Australia’s Innovation Agenda to attract the world’s best and brightest skilled people.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs will try to recognise and aggressively employ up to 5,000 highly qualified individuals each year. This program is part of the Distinguished Talent Visa category. It allows talented people to work and reside in Australia permanently. There is also the option for these people to be able to apply for Australian citizenship later if they are eligible.

The Department partners with universities, business organisations, state and regional governments in Australia to attract highly qualified and skilled citizens. In some big cities, there are global talent officers. These officers collaborate with key sectors to invite people to apply for the GTI.

The department seeks eligible people in one of the seven target areas who are willing to receive a wage that meets the equal high-income job threshold or are highly qualified PhD candidates and have the masters and honours degrees.

Australia PR

You can access this program, either through the Global Talent Officers or through a nominator.

Target Sectors

  1. AgTech
  2. Space and advanced development
  3. FinTech
  4. Energy and technology for mining
  5. MedTech
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Advanced digital content, data science, and ICT

How to Apply

This visa cannot be sought unless a Global Talent Officer or a nationally reputable agency in your sector has referred to you. If referenced, the Immigration Department may invite you to apply under the global talent-independent Program to obtain a Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124 or Subclass 858.

To qualify, you must have the ability to earn a Fair Work High Revenue Threshold or FWHIT, currently fixed at $153,600. You must be highly qualified and internationally recognised in one out of seven target sectors. In deciding whether you can meet the wage threshold, the department will consider your current salary or future work offers or doctoral or masters degree in the target areas mentioned.


It would help if you also were endorsed by a nominator who may be a qualified Australian citizen or permanent resident.

When deciding if you are likely to meet the FWHIT wage threshold, the Department of Home Affairs would consider your current salary or potential offers. The department will also evaluate whether you have a higher degree in one of the seven sectors above, such as a Master’s or PhD. If you are present in Australia, you can receive a bridging visa so that you can remain in the country until your application is finalised. If your initial application is approved, a unique Id is given that gives you preferential for a Distinguished Talent Visa.

Australian migration and COVID-19

Bear in mind that the outbreak of COVID-19 has also greatly affected Australian migration. Time for processing visas seems to have been extended overall, and most countries (including Australia) continue to enforce stringent travel restrictions or prohibitions. This can continue until the outbreak of COVID-19 is regulated in Australia and worldwide.

Finally, it is reported that how visa applications are handled and which forms of visas are prioritised will be updated in 2021. We believe it is possible for many applicants in 2021 to move forward with visas, such as the GTI program.

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