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We all agonise over what beauty products we should take with us on the road and what to leave behind. Today we make it all clear and tell you exactly what you should take and why.
Travel can be a stressful time for everyone concerned. No matter how well you plan in advance and how many cue cards you fill up with lists and things to do, there is bound to be something or the other that you will forget, and there will be some last minute packing and running around to do. Not to mention all the housekeeping issues that you need to tackle: tell your bank, tell your insurance provider, tell your neighbour, tell this person, tell that person.
And on top of it all, you need to make sure that you keep all your beauty products into your travel bag. But what to take and what to leave behind? Fret not. We will tell you right here.
• Do take your on-the-go hypoallergenic facial towels, to keep your face moisturised at all times with quick, easy swipes.
• Do carry your makeup bag and eye mask set, because you never know where you will need to sit down and deck yourself up on short notice.
• Do take your brushes with you, because nothing helps like a dash of foundation and a hint of blush on the cheeks when you’re running short of time. And you need brushes to do both. If possible, get for yourself one of those cute brush pouches so that you don’t lose them.
• Do take your foundation primer with you. Go for a well known brand so that you don’t have any hassles when time is hanging thin on your hands.
• Do take your body lotion with you, for a quick massage and for hydrating your skin in a matter of minutes.

Jenn Patrick

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