Travelling as A Parent: The Top Tips

 Travelling as A Parent: The Top Tips

One of the newest trends among parents is being more inclined to travel – across the country and abroad, with their children. They are choosing to share the experiences of transversing new lands with young and older children alike instead of waiting for their children to leave the house and travel during retirement.
Family vacations don’t just mean trips to theme parks and kid-friendly focused resorts. Over the last few years, there’s been an increased trend of parents choosing to travel with their children in tow. They are packing up their toddlers and taking flights to Spain and Italy. Travel also isn’t for adults only today; the value of exposing children to travel is a new trend that parents are finding a valuable asset to raising well-rounded children.
Travelling as A ParentSo, how are these parents tackling travel with children? Some may fear the dreaded long flight with toddlers, or with squirming, impatient older children. They may be the parents that pass out snacks to an entire plane in case their baby cries the whole flight. Alternatively, they may take it all in stride, and declare this is the new normal.
Each parent knows what will likely work for their children. Perhaps your child is content to play on an iPad, or watch a beloved show on reruns, or doesn’t mind colouring or listening to music. Suppose you choose to take a redeye flight, knowing it’s more likely your child will fall asleep in transit, and the entire process will be less complicated. It is where being a creative parent can work great. If you want to make it work, like with anything, you have to consider how you might be successful.

It’s Important That You Are Prepared

Your child may be a picky eater or get hungry while you’re on the go, and available food for purchase may not be a source of comfort (or desirable) to them. Pack kid-friendly snacks in a travel backpack and keep it handy. Sometimes when kids are getting grouchy, they need the distraction of food or are just hungry.

Stay Ahead Of Boredom

Travelling as A Parent

Older kids get in the habit of crying, “I’m bored!” — my six-year-old will declare she is bored even when her friend is over, and they are playing. It’s a tick, perhaps, or a cry for adult attention. Have games stocked on an iPad, or an old phone, and movies and TV shows that will entertain them? Yes, it is screen time. No, now and then, it will not kill them. If it allows you to survive the 5-hour flight to Hawaii, do it. You’ll all be thankful you did.
Utilising technology when you’re exploring a new place is equally important. As a parent, you might love to show your kids YouTube videos showing them where they will be exploring soon. It’s sure to get them excited about the venture. Also, when we are at the location, you can let them use your camera to take videos and pictures. It documents the trip – and keeps them entertained!
No matter how you choose to travel – don’t be scared to try. Taking your kids on a journey can be exhausting, but leaving them behind also can be too. Why not make some new memories with your kids that’ll be something to talk about for years to come?

Joy Sawhney

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