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Trendy and elegant ways to style sarees

 Trendy and elegant ways to style sarees

What comes to your mind when someone asks you about fashion in Indian fashion? I would not expect a stereotypical answer: men wear only dhotis, whereas women can be seen garbed only in long tunics and sarees. Besides, the world is more interconnected today than it ever was. Hence, despite not having travelled to any country, we are well aware of diverse cultures and attributes.

Fashion is subject to change no matter which country it is; with the arrival of new trends, people gradually adapt to it. But the traditional fashion culture never goes out of style, specifically when it comes to saree. The Indian ethnic clothing has been worn by women for centuries and continues to be a favourite amongst girls and women of all ages.

As a matter of fact, sarees are so versatile that fashion designers have come up with unique ways of styling and accentuating them in recent years. Consequently, challenging the popular misconception that you cannot look cool when wearing anything “desi” (traditional). Moreover, wearing a beautiful saree makes a woman look beautiful and divine and adds to her aura. Besides, it can be worn for informal occasions and formal events, capturing the attention at both times.

But wearing a saree becomes troublesome during the winter season, so most have to ditch their favourite clothing and go for western outfits. Yet, you will find many who wears sarees despite the cold weather; they can be seen wearing coats or sweaters on top to combat the brutal temperatures. However, I can assure you that there are a few innovative ways to style your sarees like a fashionista.

Style your saree with a long overcoat

saree with a long overcoat

Instead of putting a lumpy, ill-fitted sweater on top of your saree, choose a lengthy overcoat in neutral shades of colour like black, off-white or brown. Be sure to pick a colour that goes well with your saree; you can go for a monochrome look or wear contrasting shades. The saree and the overcoat will give an illusion of length, making the person look taller. So if you are a little on the shorter side, this style will certainly make a statement for you.

The next evening if you are going out, drape any of the beautiful sarees from your closet, pin-up and finish off with an overcoat. Want to give an extra “oomph” factor, then add a belt on your waist or a brooch to go with it.

Pair it up with an Anarkali kurta

Saree with an Anarkali kurta

As unusual it may sound, pairing a saree with an Anarkali kurta will give a distinct look, and you will stand out from the rest. Wear the kurta when you have finished draping and plating the saree; after that, take the pallu over the shoulder. Besides, you can opt for anarkalis with front opens; finally, complete the look by accessorising it with oxidised jewellery.

Enhance your look with an ethnic, denim or leather jacket or blazer

Saree with an ethnic, denim or leather jacket or blazer

Indo-western inspired outfits have been in vogue for quite some time, and winter is the best time to try them out if you haven’t before. Drape your saree usually the way you do and wear a skin-coloured thermal underneath, then put on a jacket, over which you can pin up the pallu. Style up the look based on the occasions; if you are going for a casual lunch or supper, wear denim or an ethnic jacket. Also, you can wear a leather jacket followed by accessories for a party or an event.

High-neck blouse and saree ensemble

High-neck blouse and saree ensemble

You can also wear a customised high-neck blouse paired with a silk or organza saree. However, this look is particularly for mild winter days; you can pair the saree with beautiful pashmina silk or silk dupatta to complete the look.

No matter what garment you choose to accompany the saree, the bottom line is you are certainly bound to turn some heads by wearing a gorgeous saree.

T-shirts over Saree

T-shirts over Saree

If you want to do a casual look but at the same time escape the winter blues, I have the perfect solution for you. Instead of wearing a blouse, you can wear a full-sleeved T-shirt to compliment your saree. Then, make large plates on the pallu and finish it off by adding a traditional Kamar band or belt to enhance the attire.

Arpita Pawan

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