It’s a single soundtrack which is sung by Joanna Gruesome and as it was released on November 13, 2013, it’s continuously getting more and more popular in youngsters due to the music and lyrics selection. Its genre is pop and rap and it has acquired the ratings of 3.75/5.0 among young listeners and critics. According to many reviewers of this soundtrack, Joanna has a knack for blending catchy pop melodies with ambient fuzz and that’s the main element that is distinguished in this track. Although the previous track by the same singer “Weird sister” wasn’t received well on box office or among listeners but “Tugboat” has been proved to one of the hits of this year on box office. Others member of this group who have their contributions with discordant guitars and fuzzy white noises are proved perfect for the track and they add a wonderful and mind blowing element to this cover of a classic.

Montasir Ahmed

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