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‘After experimenting with a variety of sounds for alarm clocks, designers are now trying out ambient light as a way to wake people up.’
Ever since the dawn of history of alarm clocks, designers have struggled with the eternal question: How do you make waking up a pleasurable experience? Some believed that the best way to wake someone up is to blare in the ear in an irritating manner, but others have experimented with soothing tones. Some pump out music, others operate in those high frequencies which have been ‘scientifically’ proven to disturb our sleep.
But now, alarm clock designers are going that one step further. They’re asking, ‘Why do we need sound at all?’ If not sound, what can they use? The answer is light.
The ambient light begins dark, but gradually increases in intensity until your sleep breaks and you wake up. In addition, you can also set an FM player to the alarm clock so that along with the light, you also get the soothing voice of the early morning radio tunes.
This clock costs you $US100, and it also has Bluetooth connectivity. Its battery system is good enough to have enough back-up so that the clock doesn’t turn off even in the event of a power outage.
So if you’ve struggled to find your alarm clock soulmate, and if you’ve over the years been frustrated by the blaring sounds of the alarm clocks in the market, then this ambient light alarm clock may just be the thing for you, where you can be nudged to consciousness by a calming light and also by the soft tones of early morning radio.

Jason Lee

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