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Want Make Up? Print Some!

 Want Make Up? Print Some!

Three-dimensional printing is set to burst upon us and change life as we know it. For those of you new to the subject, the technology will allow us to print real three-dimensional objects from scratch using printers not unlike the ink printers we’re all used to. We need to load them up with templates, of course, and raw material, but once done, just press the button and you’re done. Every house can become a mini manufacturing plant, one thinks, and gone will be the days where we have to hunt for spare parts.
Now, though, Grace Choi, an inventor and Harvard Business School graduate, has developed a 3D printing device called Mink, which will create for you make up just as you want it. ‘The cosmetics industry makes a whole lot of money for a whole lot of baloney,’ said Choi, and they do this by charging a heavy premium on essentially a free item: colour.’
makeup1With Mink, you can select whichever colour you want, whether it is online and offline, and at just a press of a button you can have in your hands the eyeliner or shadow of the exact same shade. It works for foundation, lipstick, blush or any other common make up component, and what’s more, it comes delivered in a stylish make up pot. All you will need to supply is ink and substrates – just like any other printer – and you will have your very own cosmetics industry in your own house. What’s more, this one creates products that are customised to you and you only.
No more compromising on a colour just because the store doesn’t have it. No more having to adjust because your favourite brand and you don’t see eye to eye. So as long as the quality of the make up is comparable to the products available in the market, and provided that consumers are willing to let go of their brand loyalties, we think that this could turn the multi-billion-dollar cosmetic industry upside down.
Want to be part of the future? You can buy your very own Mink for $300 from

Ritesh Saxena

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