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People are obsessed with the idea of losing weight. You thought the craziest diet fad you will ever hear would be ‘ice cube diet’ in which you are only allowed to eat a cube of ice when you feel hungry. Well, now try to digest this one! Recently many videos began circulating on the internet in which youngsters can be seen, trying to eat cotton dipped in juice.

Why – Because people have got this crazy idea to trick the body into being full by eating cotton balls. They dip the balls in juice or a smoothie before eating it, believing that their appetite will be diminished without actually having any real food and therefore they will be able to lose weight. Medical experts classify the trend to be extremely unhealthy.

Who Started It – The bizarre diet is considered to have originated in the mind of an ‘out of work model/actress’ several years ago and it is believed that many people who have the obsession of looking stick thin follow this diet. But now, when kids who are merely nine years old have started to upload their videos following this diet have surfaced, some serious measures need to be taken.

Repercussions of the Diet – There are some extremely harmful repercussions of such a diet. Cotton can severely damage the stomach tissues since it is not an edible plant and our body knows no mechanism to digest the cotton fibres. This is when you are actually eating cotton! More often than not, cotton balls available in the market are made from polyester fibres, which are a complex mix of harmful chemicals and can damage the intestinal tract.

Bizarre Diets Followed by the Celebrities
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon followed the ‘baby food diet’ in which the quantity of proteins and several other nutrients is almost negligible. Beyonce followed the ‘lemonade diet’ that allows you to consume lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper besides water for at least 7-10 days. Madonna promoted the ‘air only diet’ which allows you to have as much air as possible. That’s right! If you want to follow this diet simply don’t eat anything at all for a few days.

Lose Weight Safely
Anyone can lose weight irrespective of age or gender. You don’t need to follow these rash diets. All you need to do is follow a healthy routine and eat everything in moderation. If you want to start an exercise routine, try walking or light jogging. Later on, you can consider options like weight training or a cardio activity like aerobics or power yoga. Have loads of water and a cup of green tea on daily basis. Keep your goals simple and achievable, only then you’ll be able to get a positive result.

Harshit Sinha

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