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Made in India Magazine | January 18, 2021

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What is Betfair?

What is Betfair?

| On 08, Jan 2021


Betfair is the world’s largest, and Australia’s only, peer-to-peer wagering platform – an online place for people to bet against each other on events. Betfair Australia is owned by the ASX-listed Crown Resorts Ltd, who are the creators of Crown Casino in Melbourne, and Crown Casino Burswood in Perth. Unlike bookmakers or totes, Betfair is a marketplace where supply meets demand. This means the markets are dynamic, fluid, and efficient, which results in better value for customers with better odds at low margins. Betfair is also different from the rest of the wagering industry as it gains revenue by charging a small commission when a customer wins. So, unlike with the bookies, Betfair customers are not shut off or restricted for winning.

Popular categories for placing bets include Cricket – especially the India vs Australia matches.

Getting started with Betfair is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Download the Betfair app
    The Betfair App is available for Android and IOs. You can get it via the Apple AppStore or download the Android version here The app is only available to customers over the age of 18.
  2. Register to create your Betfair account
    Enter your details and preferred payment method. The account is Norton-secured. You must have a valid Betfair account to use this application.
  3. Place your first bet
    Now that you have the app downloaded and an account, it is time to place your first bet. Gamble responsibly.

For more information about Betfair, please visit

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What is Betfair?
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