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‘What’s In It For Me?’ – The Question You Shouldn’t Ask

 ‘What’s In It For Me?’ – The Question You Shouldn’t Ask

When we are faced with a situation where we have to guide/help someone, no matter whether materialistically or emotionally, our mind automatically does a few quick calculations and gives us an answer. It is the mind that decides whether you want to help someone or not, based on its experiences and ‘calculations’. One of the major factors that mind takes into consideration before saying yes or no is, ‘what’s in it for me?’, ‘how will this act benefit me?’ Our mind quickly thinks of the end result and what materialistic gain we can derive from it. It is what most of us do, several times during a day. But is it the right approach to live one’s life?
Once we reach a point in our lives when we believe that our achievements are far above those of others, we tend to include ego in our decisions, especially the ones where we are the authority. Who gave you this ‘power’ or skills? It is the work of the divine. It is the job of the supreme power to distribute his skills amongst all of us, so we can help each other and form a world that is fair to all, because that is how HE wants it to be.
Consider this, if you were left on your own, if in your time of need, you did not have anyone to assist you, would you have succeeded in achieving these skills or knowledge? If your parents had not provided you the shelter or the nourishment you needed to develop a rational mind, if your school had not allowed you study or if the bus driver had not taken you to the exam hall on time, would you still be the achiever that you are today? It’s these little contributions that count. You should always acknowledge and be in gratitude for things people have done for you and the role the world around you has played, in making you the person you are today.
Don’t let the mind decide for you, do what you were meant to do. If you are asked to help someone, don’t let your mind get in the way and carry on with your job of a ‘muneem’ and consider yourself fortunate that the Supreme has chosen you to be his medium. Embrace your role and feel like an integral part of this Universe.
Whether you are an engineer, doctor, musician, banker or a writer, expand your knowledge by doing gyan daan. Never shy away from an opportunity to contribute to the flow of the universe. And when an opportunity of helping someone presents itself, no matter how little or big it is, do your karma and be grateful that you have been chosen to pass on your knowledge and achievements to others. Never ask ‘what’s in it for me?’

Indrasish Banerjee

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