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Why do you need to Advertise Business in Niche Magazine?

 Why do you need to Advertise Business in Niche Magazine?

When the word ‘Magazine Advertisement’ is heard by the local and small business owners, a picture is created in their mind that is large enough having national publications stuffed with various glossy and glitzy ads of big brands. Not only this, a train of thought runs in their minds, that their business lacks its expression alongside these big shots in such magazines. Being a small business owner, your concern even gets elevated when you’ve your target audience within a 100-mile radius. Lately, many niche and regional magazines have enhanced their availability for local and smaller businesses.

Who needs to Consider Advertisement in Niche Magazines?

For business owners, business advertisements in regional, local, and niche magazines can really help their business prosper. Precisely, for business owners who are distributed over various locations in their state. Why is this so? Because this magazine advertisement may allow you to advertise your business stores with just one ad.

In case your business embrace specialised products and niche items (think of some collectables), advertisement of these products in magazines can be really benefitting. This is because a lot of people out there are ready to travel just to find the required supplier having their hard-to-found products.

For this, be sure you call up a sales representative and ask for any information regarding deadlines, rates. Also, make sure you have requested for a map that will let you know about what local territories are equipped with and how can you make yourself unique from them.

Businesses having Tight Budget

Without a doubt, advertisement in local magazines is quite affordable than you might have thought. But wait! We know that several businesses are running tight on budget and cannot afford advertisement expense. You might be wondering how a local business owner can make most of the magazine advertisement? We’ve got you!

One thing that businesses with a tight budget can do is to avail the option of advertisement in classified sections in magazines. You can advertise your business in magazines that are found in grocery stores as well as in the merchant’s establishment.

These magazines usually contain classified ads for home security monitoring, local realtors, car lots, landscaping services, and so on. Take it easy! Products and services offered by your business do not need to fit into these categories. Be sure your product ads are enticing enough to incite actions among consumers who are reading such ads. If you are an owner of a small boutique shop selling antique wedding rings, likely, your audience will not read such publication. Regardless, if you work as a chimney repairman, your offerings will surely allure the right clientele for your business.

What’s more? Local magazines are not only inexpensive for business having smaller budgets, but also such magazines tend to have a longer shelf life. After the initial publications of such magazines, they are perused for several months. So pay once on your ad and let your audience expose to them for months.  

Questions that should be asked before buying Ad Space?

Irrespective of the publication size you’ve chosen for advertisement, you need to ask sales representative specific questions right before you handover them a proportion of your marketing budget. What are those questions? Let’s find out!

  • What is the circulation of your magazine publication?
  • How often do you publish a magazine?
  • What are the demographics of magazine readers?
  • Have you planned any specific section or theme in a magazine for the year?

Not only this, being a business owner, you should inquire about any discount that you can avail on your business ads in case you want to run ads more than once in another issue. Be mindful of other businesses ads having similar target readers as you do. If such businesses have consistently been advertising in such publication, they will probably be enjoying a good return of their investment. You can also leverage from such publication.

But how to find out whether your investment in magazine advertisement is profitable? For this, you need to do some quick math that will help you assess cost per impression (CPM) or cost per thousand. Let’s suppose; one magazine has 40,000 circulations while the full-page ad in such magazine worth $850. What will you do? Simply divide $850 by 40 so to calculate CPM. In the present scenario, your answer would be $21.25, meaning that if you want to attract a thousand visitors, magazine advertisement is going to cost you $21.25.

We feel happy at times, especially when our clients realise that advertisement of their business in the magazine is within their means. This business advertisement in the magazine offers its business huge success. Don’t worry, if you are an owner of local or small business, you can also leverage the power of magazine advertisement just as the big brands do. All you need is to do little homework initially, be sure you ask the right questions from the sales representative of a print advertisement firm. After inquiring and investing your marketing budget, you will get your business ads in publication to reach a targeted audience while remaining in your advertising budget.

How Can ‘Made In India’ Magazine Help you Reach Your Marketing Objectives?

Made in India’ Magazine is a full glossy magazine that is published monthly. This magazine embraces all that business owners need when it comes to magazine advertisements of their business. With 186,000 active readers, this magazine will help you reach your target audience in no time.

Shelf Life of Magazines

Did you know?

‘A number of niche magazines use cheap quality papers just to save costs.’

Remember! The shelf life of a newspaper is no longer than a few days. So, if you have decided to place an ad in a magazine that uses newspaper quality print, it’s of no use. Yes, because it is not going to last for longer in your readers’ home. However, it may stay longer, such as for months if the magazine is printed on top quality gloss paper.

For your information, ‘Made in India’ is the magazine that uses 100gsm full gloss paper with 300gsm premium full gloss paper having a shelf life of about 4 months. Think the other way; it means that your single ad printed once, can be seen for about 4 months in contrast to the newspaper that is thrown away into bins after a few days. If you think our magazine suits your business advertisement needs, call us on 1300 0 INDIA right away to speak with our marketing executives. We are ready to help your business reach its target audience through a tailored-made effective marketing campaign.

Top 8 Reasons to Advertise with ‘Made in India’ Magazine

Our magazine has a strong presence in Australia, having a massive readership of Indians dwelling in Australia.

This magazine has ties with various locations like cafes, restaurants, dentists across Australia.

Long Life – Shelf life of our publication is almost 4 months. We get your ads printed on exceptional quality papers (300gsm) that elevates the chances of exposure of your customer with ads.

we cover loads of cultural things in our magazine, ranging from savouring cuisines, book reviews, Bollywood news to incredible traveling ideas.

Dual Focus
We guarantee you the best returns of your investment in an advertisement while giving our readers the best reading experience.

Cultural Fix – This magazine will let you hit the right audience as our advertising is well versed with cultures of India and Australia and will provide the right product message that touches the senses of readers.

Great Online Presence
we have over 82,000 email subscribers that will help you reach a wider audience online.

Our magazine is the best choice if you want to target your brands, specifically for Indians in Australia.

Syed Amaan Ahmad

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