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Winners and Losers of 2013 in Hollywood

 Winners and Losers of 2013 in Hollywood

People say that showbiz is something that never stays the same and the people in this industry always face a new situation every once in a while. This is the reason we always see new faces in awards, winnings and achievements for every year and here we are going to cover some winner and loser personalities of 2013.
Winner: Jennifer Lawrence
although there isn’t any other statement when it comes to Jennifer as we are seeing her for quite some time in good quality movies. But when she received the biggest award in the Hollywood, the best actress in the industry for her movie Silver Linings Playbook, she has become something else, someone more important than others. Later that year, her movie, the hunger games; catching fire also went blockbuster on box office which made her the winner of 2013.
Loser: Lamar Odom
Former NBA player Lamar who was quite a personality not very long ago is one of the losers of 2013. She cheated on his wife, Chloe Kardashian who has filed for divorce and now she can be seen hanging out with other men. Lamar was also charged for DUI, stayed in a rehab for a while and officially split up with one of the Kardashian family member, Chloe. So it’s safe to say that he is the loser of 2013.
Winner: Beyonce
Beyonce didn’t make any statement all year long in 2013 and up until November, she seemed doing nothing special but then she released her album with 17 tracks along with music videos and it was a big surprise for most of us. She is also the one who performed for president Obama’s second inauguration event and an outclass performance at super bowl and this makes her the winner of 2013.
Loser: Kris Jenner
Her talk show “Kris” failed last year and it was not good news for her. She tried to increase the PR of the show by inviting her future son-in-law, Kanye West who also showed picture of her newborn child but that didn’t go very well too. Later her separation with her husband also hit the news and it was again a very bad news as they spend 22 married years together. So she definitely falls in the category of losers of 2013.
Winner: Kim Kardashian
In the start of the year 2013, we all watched Kim’s amazing wardrobe and shoes collection for her pregnant body and it was something that told us that this woman knows how to stay in news. Later, she and her partner Kanye welcomed their first child together on June 15. After that, she gave the statement of filling for divorce from her ex-husband and accepting Kanye’s marriage proposal. This all makes her the perfect winner of 2013.
Winner: Justin Timberlake
Actor and singer Justin who got married in 2012 with Jessica Biel, spending a lot of time in news and his career is also going very well. He has done number of performances in 2013 and the biggest his biggest achievement is expected to be the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” in which he has sung a song and this movie is going to be nominated both for Oscar and Golden Globe awards.
Loser: Justin Bieber
There were times when Justin was a cute kid and a lot of hearts were with this singer but 2013 wasn’t that good for him even from the start when a photographer killed while taking a snap of the singer which later turns out, wasn’t even him. Other setbacks for this singer include arriving late for concerts, harassing photographers and seeing with prostitutes. There are many other factors that declared this singer to be a loser of 2013.

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