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‘The 2014 survey of stress and wellbeing found that women are more stressed than men, and that retirees report the highest levels of happiness.’
Stress is a ubiquitous companion for every man and every woman in modern times. We’re all working longer hours than ever before, and we’re running faster and faster on the hedonic treadmill than at any time in our history. Australians, in spite of our reputation for being laidback, are no exceptions.
The Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) survey of stress and wellbeing found that 2014 has been a particularly bad one, and particularly for women. More than 70% Australians have reported their current stress levels had an impact on their physical health. About 64% even reported that their current stress levels had an impact on their mental health as well.
The number one reason for stress, especially in the case of women (53%) is personal finances. This affects men a lot less (44%), by the looks of it. Even when it comes to reporting the impact of the stress, women seem to get affected more – or they have a perception of being affected more. 21% of women say that their stress is affecting their physical health, whereas 23% of women say that the stress is impacting their mental health. The corresponding numbers for men are 13% and 14%.
As ever, Australians aged 66 and over continue to report significantly higher levels of happiness and wellbeing than their working counterparts. Which means the secret to happiness is simple: just retire.

Christian Mc Karthy

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