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Top 10 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Food Items

 Top 10 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Food Items

Are you a foodie? While you may love everything from your favorite Tandoori chicken to pasta Bolognese, how much do you know about the food you eat?
Many misconceptions and myths have built up around food items driven by what we hear and see in the media.
The Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Think About The Food You Eat Today, we will clear ten misconceptions about food that most people have so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Vegetarian Dishes Lack Protein

Many people think that meat and fish are the only sources of protein. But vegetarians can the protein needs of their body by consuming dairy products and a variety of nuts and grains.

2. Breakfast Means Cereals

Cereals are convenient, but most of its benefits are advertised. Some of them may contain added minerals and vitamins, but eating them in their purest form is the best thing to do! That means having oats, eggs, and whole-grain bread.

3. Brown Sugar Wins over White Sugar

Do you reach for brown sugar in cafes and restaurants thinking it is better than white sugar?
You have been fooled if you think brown sugar is any better than white sugar. Both of them are essentially sugars and don’t have any benefits for us.

4. Organic Means Healthy

Organic food can be free of chemicals and pesticides, but that doesn’t automatically make them healthy! You can find many organic foods loaded with sugar and saturated fat. So check the label before you buy!

5. Healthy Meal contain Low Fat

Not all fat is created equal! You can have good fat from sources like avocados which improves your heart and lowers your cholesterol. But you should avoid certain fats like monosaturated fats and keep a tab on the amount in your diet.

6. Potatoes are Vegetables

Potatoes are considered starchy food and mostly contain carbohydrate other than fiber and potassium. They don’t count as vegetables so eating only potatoes will not have much health benefits!

7. Fruits should be Consumed Fresh

You don’t always have to eat your fruit right after plucking it from the tree! Fruits used in smoothies, juices or even desserts have health benefits, and you can also freeze them.

8. It’s Better to Have Small Meals Frequently

When you eat, your metabolism gets to work digesting the food. But eating small meals throughout the day is useless as your overall consumption determines the total energy. Also, its good to fast sometimes!

9. Hunger Cravings Mean You Need to Eat

You crave the food you resist most, so it’s not wise to give in to your cravings. If you are hungry, go for a balanced and healthy meal instead.

10. Food Intolerance = Food Allergy

Food intolerance means your body has problems in digesting a food item. Allergies are related to the immune system and can have more severe effects. So food allergy and food intolerance is not the same thing.
Which of these didn’t you know about yet? Let us know below.

Sunny Pathak

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