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‘We don’t normally associate holidays with parents, but every once in a while, taking a trip with them can help strengthen those family bonds. Today we give you a list of places to visit in India with your parents.’
Not every holiday spot needs to be ‘romantic’ or a ‘getaway’, does it? Once in a while, to keep the family bonding strong, we do need to take a holiday with our parents. As ‘uncool’ as that may sound at first glance, bonding on a regular basis with parents has been found to be the cornerstone of family building in various studies. If you bond with your parents, your kids will bond with you and with their grandparents, and if you make a habit out of it, before you know it your family unit is strong as it can be.
So stop balking at the idea of taking a trip with your parents, and check out the following list of places in India that you must visit with them.
1. Alleppey, Kerala
Emerald green backwaters will welcome you in God’s Own Country, and the divine gifts of nature will ensure that you and your parents leave all your stresses behind. Enjoy some quality family time on the houseboat. Glide along the waters in silence and take in the views of the breathtaking landscapes all around you. Kerala is the perfect place to go to with family. Make sure you choose the right time of the year (monsoons) to do so, though, because it can get swelteringly hot in summers.
2. Jaipur, Rajasthan
Known as the pink city for its many sandstone constructions, and also the city of kings for its remnants of Rajput glory, Jaipur will take you back to the age of valour. Rich monuments and palaces have been beautifully preserved all these years, so you can take your fill of them and imagine yourself to be kings and queens. You can arrive on top of an elephant at Amber Fort, or you can roam the Hawa Mahal, the Jaigarh Fort or the Nahargarh Fort. If your parents are history buffs, then Jaipur should be the first name on your list.
3. Kashmir
Kashmir goes by many names. Some call it the Switzerland of India. Others simply call it heaven on earth. If your parents like pristine beauty of nature, then you should look no further than Kashmir. Take them on a shikara ride on the glassy Dal Lake. Many of the classic Bollywood songs have been shot here on Kashmir, so don’t be surprised if your parents remember some of the places from their younger days. You have gardens, lakes, warm wooden houses, hamlets and all these quaint little things you could ever want to see.
4. Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Situated in Tamil Nadu, Ooty offers many pictorial sights and a clutch of tea gardens which can be explored at leisure. There is the Botanical Garden that your parents can amble around in, or they can go boating in Ooty Lake. If they’re water lovers, take them to Dodabetta Peak and to the milky waterfalls such as Pykara and Avalanche falls. There is fun toy train experience that they will love.
5. Shimla
A visit to Shimla is recommended because not only is it beautiful, with its snow-dusted mountains and black trees, but it also has a vibrant atmosphere of a city, with bustling people, food places, and also a nice touch of British architecture and historical mountains that your parents will definitely love to see. Your trip to this place will not be complete without a ride on the popular toy train that runs from Shimla to Kalka, which will give your family a lifetime of memories to cherish.
6. Shillong, Meghalaya
Often called the Scotland of the East, Shillong boasts of rolling valleys, high plateaus, cascades and winding rivers. If mountains are close to your parents’ hearts, then they will enjoy their sojourn in Shillong. This place was used by the British as a summer retreat, so there is some British architecture that you cannot miss, but most of all, make sure that you take in the natural splendour and beauty of Shillong completely before you decide to leave. Umium Lake and Nohkalikai Falls are two of the must-see landmarks in this heavenly place.
7. Coorg, Karnataka
The landscape here is laced with coffee plantations waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, and many naturally pretty environs. If your parents are nature lovers, Coorg is the ideal destination for a few days. The plus point of Coorg is that it’s quite close to Bangalore, and there are many homestays that offer family accommodation at affordable prices. Make sure you meditate with Tibetan monks at Bylakuppe and absorb the golden qualities of silence. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Nagarhole National Park are two other places that will charm you with their beauty.
8. Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Snowy peaks, clear water from the river Beas, picture-perfect landscapes, and sharp, clear air are what will greet you when you come to Manali. This is the perfect traveller’s treasure trove, ideal for a family getaway. There is not much you cannot do over here, with orchards, deodar trees, places of worship, adventure activities, and sightseeing tours. You can easily spend a good two weeks here without getting bored or tired.
9. Gangtok
The capital of Sikkim, situated in the Northern Himalayan ranges, Gangtok is home to many different ethnicities, like Tibetan, Nepali, Lepchas and Bhutias. The climate of Gangtok is pleasant for most of the year, so you can pick your convenient time. The city is also rich in flora and fauna, with an abundance of orchards and lush green bamboo thickets. Monasteries and lakes are also found aplenty here, so your folks will find much to do and learn.
10. Dharamshala
Dharamshala is a picturesque hill town in Himachal Pradesh which has a Tibetan settlement constructed when the Dalai Lama had to flee Tibet in 1959. Many monasteries, schools and temples have been built in the region and hence it has become a popular tourist destination of India. The experience of Dharamshala is one which you cannot let your parents miss out on.

Sunny Pathak

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