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‘We welcome the new year with a horoscope that details what’s in store for you. No matter what your sun sign is, we have you covered. ’
And just like that, the year 2015 is upon us! We all look ahead with hope, look behind at 2014 with wistfulness, perhaps a tinge of regret, but we all need to know what awaits us in the new year. We need to know if our careers will take off or stagnate, if we will find love and companionship, joy and contentment, or if the year is going to be full of high winds and tides for us. Call it a part of being human, that we should all crave to know what is ahead of us in the future.
So we bring you this comprehensive horoscope that tells you exactly what to look forward to, no matter what your sun sign is. Come, dig in, and peer into the crystal ball with us.
We begin our horoscope with the first of the fire signs, Aries. Named after the Greek God of War, and therefore associated with passion and fire, if this is your sun sign, 2015 promises you a lot of opportunities, and in that sense it will be a promising year. But then, what you make of them will be entirely up to you. The God of war was not known for his patience or his ability to think rationally. If you can find it within yourself to still those passionate bouts of emotions deep in your heart, and will yourself to take decisions only after thinking them through, it will help you a lot in 2015.
Remember: all that glitters is not always gold. So look past appearances, and try to see the inner beauty of the opportunities that come your way.
Disputes are always lurking in your future, and some of them may escalate to legal issues if you do not soothe the aggressive streak that burns within you. So be on the safe side and stay away from all disputes.
Building a long lasting relationship will be possible, but ensure it adds meaning to your life. Period between January end and February end seems suitable for commencing a new relationship or proposing; you may also get a proposal from someone you admire secretly. The relationship that you commence at this time may not be a serious one, though. June to September would be better for starting a serious relationship.


If you belong to second of the fire signs, Leo, 2015 promises to be a planning year. Much of the time that you have will be spent in looking back in review, and looking ahead in planning and analysing. Therefore, there may be times at various points during the year when you feel that not much is happening, that it is a boring year. However, by the end of the year, your strategy in life or your chosen task will have emerged clearly in front of your eyes, and therefore your life will seem much fuller with direction than it may appear at the beginning of the year.
Health and finances could be troublesome, because this is not a year of movement for you. Frustrations may cause you to work longer and harder than your normally do. When faced with such moments, ensure that you take some time off, and please do not be hard on yourself. Also keep a check on the green-eyed monster, that can raise its ugly head up when surrounded by people more successful than us.
If you’re married, then this is a brilliant year for you. This is when your relationship will develop that strong, foundational base that every successful marriage needs. A lot of attention will be bestowed upon you by your spouse, and your love is bound to grow by a few orders of magnitude.
So don’t be in a hurry to get things moving during this year. Relax, and be grateful for what you have. Also pay due attention to the planning you must do in order to be successful at your task. Try to maintain a good social life in order to keep envy away.
If you’re in the sun sign represented by the hunter, Sagittarius, you’re looking at a pretty successful year in terms of career, business and finances. Having emerged from a dark period recently, you will step into the light full of confidence and knowledge that comes from taking a good, hard look at oneself. You’re more self-aware now than you were before, which will prevent you from making the same mistakes that have been holding you back. In your endeavours this year you will perform well in all respects. A promotion at work, a financial windfall, or a good result in an academic pursuit are all likely outcomes. So don’t be surprised if they happen!
The success in your personal endeavours could place some pressure on your romantic relationships, especially if your partner is not riding the same waves as you are. Take extra care to bestow attention upon your spouse and to support them through their journey as well. Being socially conscious in this way will protect your relationship from some possible black marks that lay littered in your path.
In conclusion, be prepared for a successful year. Do not avoid challenges at work or in personal life, because most likely you will be able to meet them. Pay particular attention to your spouse, and to your friends as well so that you do not ignore them in your celebration of success.
Cancerians, as usual, can look forward to a mixed bag of a year. The good parts are in the financial front, where you will find more opportunities to make more money. This will be a good year to invest in fixed assets, so if you’ve been thinking of buying a house, go ahead and do so without a worry. On the other hand, your personal relationships may find a rocky time. Some of your friendships will end, and some others will begin. A few other existing ones will wither away and become superficial, whereas a few acquaintances will become deeper friends. Welcome everyone into your life and care for them, but also be nimble enough to let go of those who wish to.
Married people must not act clingy, and should give enough space to their spouse.. If you are unmarried and in a relationship, too, there could be a lot of mistrust and resultant acrimony, so be very careful to avoid arguments and try your best to stay positive and do everything in your power to keep your beloved satisfied. Most importantly, be loyal and stay away from distractions.
To summarise, be practical in your decision making and do not allow your emotions to overrule your mind. In your personal relationships, do not take anything for granted, and do not become too demanding to your spouse. Give space and you will be given it too.


Your built-in ability to fight back will come in handy in 2015, because it promises to be a year of challenges for you. That’s not to mean that you should be scared of it. As you know, it is from struggles that our real character emerges. Therefore, by the end of the year, you will be a much improved person in terms of character and moral fortitude. Success is likely if you do not focus completely on the result and instead focus on the processes with determination and optimism.
Many of your endeavours promise to go well, but only if you curb your enthusiasm and dig in with true grit. If you’re in a committed relationship or a marriage, the earlier part of the year may bring some miscommunications and misunderstandings, but in the second half of the year, your partner will take the first step towards smoothening the roughed up feathers of your marriage. From June to September, there may be a lack of physical intimacy in your marriage, even if you’re newly wed.
Financially, this is likely going to be a mixed bag. Though your income will not rise, your investments will do well, tempting you to spend more. Resist that temptation and reinvest the profits that you make, so that you will be investing in a secure future for you and your loved ones.
In conclusion, be yourself, take on all the challenges in your life as you normally do, but be aware of your surroundings, and take special care to not exacerbate the misunderstandings that will occur in your personal life. Be safe in your finances.


This is the year in which you will spend a lot of time and effort at work, if you’re a Piscean. The planetary positions suggest that there is a lot of work-related stress and tension coming your way in 2015, especially in the initial parts of the year. Focus on upgrading your skills will help you tackle the increased responsibilities methodically and efficiently. Fighting with the boss and colleagues is a big no-no, since that will only increase your worries. Even if you may be tempted to do so at times, keep your calm, and keep relationships at work cordial.
A positive attitude will be necessary to get through all the difficult times, and if you can add a leisure activity to your schedule, then all the better, to take away the stress that you are bound to receive from work.
Appreciation may be tough to come for all the extra work you’re doing. Don’t feel bad about this, and plug away, because in the second half of the year, much of your effort will be noticed, and the rewards will come. Chasing after them too desperately could make them slip away from your grasping hands.
Sexual temptation is on the cards during the early part of the year, and you may get tempted to release the work-related stress with sex. But it may also take a serious turn and you may sow the seeds of a serious relationship.
This is a year of change for Taureans, but like a bull, you will charge through all obstacles and have a rollicking year. Many surprises await you, but don’t fret because many of them will be pleasant ones. Moving to a foreign location or a new city is a possibility, which means new friends and relationships taking precedence over old ones and those that have run their course. Be receptive to experiences, because they can be the best teachers in life. Make that your motto and use all the change that comes your way this year to enhance your understanding of yourself.
Stay away from risky investments. Don’t lend money to anyone. Invest in secure bonds and safe deposits. All the change that is hitting you from all directions may seduce you into taking impulsive decisions. Resist that pull, and take your time with every choice you make. The possibility of regret is high if you don’t think your decisions through.
Relationships-wise, this year looks good for you. If you’re single, you’re likely to meet a partner who will not only match you physically but also share your interests. If you’re already in a committed relationship, the change may introduce a layer of discord to your equation, so be sure to take some time off with a well-timed vacation.
Make a concerted effort to stay in touch with family, because moving around a lot may make it harder for you to be in touch with parents and old friends. But keeping these relationships alive will be a crucial peg in your level of happiness.
If the constellation of the virgin is yours, then this is a year you should be more careful than before about how you communicate your thoughts and feelings. Career-wise, there is more earning in your future, but there is also more work. Only if you’re willing to do more work will you be paid more. In other words, there are no free lunches coming your way this year. You will tend to be practical and down to earth, and keep a low profile in both work and personal matters. The positive influence of Jupiter means that your life this year will be balanced between work and pleasure, though you will probably be preoccupied with work during the first three months.
Mood swings await you this year, which means you will not be able to make up your mind about committing to any relationship. So long-term romance may elude you. But in the second half of the year, there is a good possibility that you will enter a lasting relationship, which could even be with a childhood friend. If you wish to get married, the first half of the year is auspicious.
With finance matters, stick to the tried and tested. Relatives will come asking for loans, but think twice before lending them money. Be careful in all your communications, lest you say something that hurts.
The year will start for you in high spirits, but you will be bogged down in routine work. Menial jobs will haunt you for most of the year, so though you will be busy, you will have no time to plan ahead and look for a meaningful growth in your life. All the labour that you put in will appear to be a waste of time, not least because there will be a delay in your efforts coming to fruition. Your relationships with your superiors at work will therefore be slightly rocky, and even thoughts of quitting may enter your mind. But it may be better to wait it out, because all your hard work will pay off, if a bit later than you expect.
Financially you will be stable, with no great windfall, but with no heavy losses either. There is a good chance that your expenses and lifestyle will increase suddenly, which is consistent with not finding pleasure at work, which may push you to find it elsewhere by spending money. So keep a close look on your bank account statements and your spending habits. Once you witness a spike, arrest it!
Relationship wise, this is the year you will break out of your shy cocoon and become candid in your romantic liaisons, which will greatly please your partner. If you’re already married, the renewed patience and the frankness you bring to the communication table will result in the fires of passion being relit – both in the bedroom and otherwise!
The year begins with pessimism and confusion for you, Gemini. You will not always know what the best course of action for you is. The rewards will be a little slow in coming, but they will. When life hits a slow patch, as it will this year, use that time to invest in your personal relationships or to hone your skills further. Remember that God helps those who help themselves, so even in times of confusion, you will not mope or wallow in self-pity. You will take action to help yourself and stay optimistic and positive. Opportunities will come your way and knock on your door. Whether you welcome them in or ask them to go away will depend largely on your state of mind. Keep it fresh, and make use of them all!
From a romantic angle, this year may be a testing time for the main love relationship in your life. Avoid misunderstandings by listening more, and refusing to enter arguments for the sole purpose of winning them. Taking a short vacation will do your relationship a world of good. It is quite possible that a childhood friendship blossoms into a romantic relationship, if you’re single.
In conclusion, manage your time well, stay balanced, and give time to your personal relationship so that it can grow to the next level.
For Librans, the year 2015 will be a testament to your struggle to balance your professional and personal lives. You will not always succeed, but the effort you put into this will give you a lot of useful experience. Vertical progression in your career is on the cards, but for this to happen, you will need to work smartly, not necessarily harder. Other peoples around you will notice your abilities and shower you with praise. Enjoy it, but do not let it get to your head, and do not become arrogant. Some very positive opportunities are lined up for you in 2015, those that will change your life for the better.
On the financial front, you will be stable, even though your expense column will become taller, so take precautions to bring it back down. However, your income is also set to rise, so whether you choose to spend the extra money or save it is a choice that you have to make. In any case, there are no money troubles in store for you this year.
The rise in expenses and the struggle for balance is likely to bring in a note of discontent into your marriage or romantic relationship. Be tactful, listen more, and give space to your partner so that they can take joy in your successes.
Keep pleasure-seeking to a minimum, because it is possible that you may trip over a pebble while doing so.
As an aquarius, looking ahead to 2015 is great if you have a speculative nature and are a bit of a risk-taker. It looks like the year will favour those of you who take the plunge and some calculated risks. New tasks and unusual ventures will likely succeed, so be courageous enough to go for it, but not without due caution. Monetary rewards will not show up just yet, but there will be a lot of intangible benefits that will line up for you this year, which may convert into financial rewards in time to come.
Success will come to you by means of your personality, which will be cavalier and therefore attractive to many. But you must temper that with a bit of caution and a bit of planning so that you are not sliding down a slippery slope. In your bid to enhance your individuality, you may miss out on some exciting opportunities this year, so be on your guard as to what is coming your way, and whether or not you should take it.
Finances will be an issue this year, but the stability of your personal relationships will ensure that you lose no sleep. Love birds can expect a good year. Communication will flow smoothly, but keep in mind that there is a thin line between frankness and rudeness. Toe that line carefully, and you will be happy.

Sunny Pathak

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